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Author Topic : Weimaraners!
 Canmore 2
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I have Weimaraners in 3 different accounts, all of them over limit - Canmore2, Canmore4 and Canmore5. I need to purge!

Before I do that I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in adopting any. Money is not the issue - you can offer 0 if you like. All together I have 128. I'd like to re-home at least 100! I can't guarantee I'll accept any particular offer - ie I need to retain some - but I'm fairly open if you are a known active breeder.

This is a revival breed. Lots of room for progress - they are in in 94-95 SOP range. All the current active breeders are friendly and sharing. Unfortunately only one colour is recognized on SD although in reality they come in two.


Replies in this thread : 0

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