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Author Topic : looking for a pup
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9/18/2021 12:22:53 PM reply with quote send message to Nikki420 Object to Post   

wanting to get into the breed if any one has a pup they want to sell. higher sop the better. prefer pup but will take a adult. prefer female as i'm getting into the breed. would love a breeding pair to start!
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9/18/2021 1:40:00 PM reply with quote send message to Dream3 Object to Post

What breed?
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9/28/2021 12:53:40 PM reply with quote send message to Star Eclipse Kennels Object to Post

I have recently bred my Harliquin female with my bridle male and the puppies will be due on the 3rd they are Great Danes.
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9/28/2021 4:44:13 PM reply with quote send message to Clwyd Cockers Object to Post

Looks like she posted in the Norwich Terrier forum so I assume she wants one of those. Just a guess laugh :D

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