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Author Topic : Salary/sessions not correct
 Starlite and the Stars
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I have too many sessions & not enough salary, so changed settings to 8 sessions yesterday. Yet today it once again showed a bunch of assistant completed sessions, plus 15 left over. (Which I put up for sale.)
When I go to My Account to check/reset session-salary, it says I can't for 6 more days (which I expected).
But why haven't the settings taken effect?

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Salary/sessions not correct
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You make the biggest bang for your buck by signing up for 12 Sessions....

The system gives you 4x the amount of sessions on the options.

So if you sign up for 8 sessions... You really get 32. So if you use 17 sessions, you will have 15 left over to sell.

But that being said, salary is usually less profitable than signing up for all sessions and just selling those.


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