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Author Topic : Free Boston Terrier Color Pics
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I made some pics for the Boston Terrier.
Tried to make them realistic but I'm sorry if I made any mistakes.

Free for use on SD only. Plz do not use off site.

Black and white:
Blue and white:
Brindle and white:
Chocolate and white:
Lilac and white:

Cream (blk pigment) :
Cream (blu pigment):
Cream (red pigment):
Cream (lilac pigment) :

Red (blk pigment):
Honey (blk pigment) :
Honey (blu pigment):

Redsable (blk pigment) :
Red (blk pigment) :
Red (red pigment) :


. . . .

No changes sorry
Hope you enjoy.

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These are lovely! I like the way you colored these and the Malinois images.
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3/13/2023 4:41:57 PM reply with quote send message to Orsodoro Object to Post

Thank you happy :) I tried. I will lighten the chocolate eventually.
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Awesomenesssss!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
 Canmore Kennels
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Yes, thank you. They are really nice. I'll link them up over the next few days.

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