Grand Champions Bred

The following is a list of all 23 grand champions bred by Boxerluvr33. 

Name Birthdate Date Finished Breed Current Owner
Impreza Nitrous Oxide 6/25/2013 8/3/2013 Boxer Deceased
Impreza Golden Dream 4/24/2013 7/7/2013 Boxer Deceased
Impreza Queen Of Summer 4/24/2013 7/11/2013 Boxer Loving Family
Impreza Pay To Play 2/17/2013 4/19/2013 English Foxhound Loving Family
Impreza Up To No Good 2/10/2013 3/25/2013 English Foxhound Loving Family
Imprezas Somthin To Talk About 1/28/2013 3/28/2013 Basenji Deceased
Impreza Song And Dance 1/13/2013 4/3/2013 English Foxhound Loving Family
Imprezas Talk To The Paw 1/6/2013 3/14/2013 Basenji Loving Family
Imprezas Shadow Dancer 1/6/2013 2/26/2013 Basenji Loving Family
Imprezas My Way Or The Highway 1/9/2013 3/27/2013 American Foxhound Loving Family
Imprezas Crazy Love 1/9/2013 2/21/2013 American Foxhound Loving Family
Imprezas Fine Art 12/17/2012 2/27/2013 Basenji Deceased
Imprezas Pay Per View 12/18/2012 2/24/2013 English Foxhound Loving Family
Imprezas Dangerous Talk 12/4/2012 2/5/2013 Basenji Loving Family
Imprezas Gossip Girl 11/5/2012 1/10/2013 Basenji Deceased
Imprezas Out Of This World 11/5/2012 12/17/2012 Basenji Deceased
Imprezas Back On Top 10/27/2012 12/4/2012 Boxer Deceased
Imprezas Talk Is Cheap 9/27/2012 11/20/2012 Basenji Loving Family
Boxerluvrs Divine Design 6/23/2012 9/23/2012 Boxer Loving Family
Boxerluvrs Making Sirius Waves 6/5/2012 9/1/2012 Boxer Loving Family
Boxerluvrs May Flower 5/19/2012 7/18/2012 Boxer Loving Family
Boxerluvrs Bombshell 5/21/2012 8/16/2012 Boxer Deceased
Boxerluvrs White Gold 4/26/2012 7/30/2012 Boxer Deceased

Did you know?
The third obedience title is a UD, or "Utility Dog", which is earned through competition in the Utility obedience class