Champions Finished

The following is a partial list of 21 champions finished by Newme.  This list is not comprehensive, espcially for dogs finished prior to 2008.

Name Birthdate Date Finished Breed Current Owner
Newme Tri the Newme 2/23/2023 4/1/2023 Collie Newme
Newme Dark Sable 2/1/2023 3/14/2023 Collie Newme
Newme Dark Mahogany 2/1/2023 3/6/2023 Collie Newme
BRKDRs What`s New 12/27/2022 1/28/2023 Collie Loving Family
BRKDRs What We`ve Done 9/29/2022 11/16/2022 Collie Loving Family
Newme Round Up Time 9/27/2022 11/13/2022 Collie Loving Family
Newme Deep and Blue 9/25/2022 11/5/2022 Collie Loving Family
Killick Rocking Newme 8/9/2022 10/14/2022 Curly-Coated Retriever Loving Family
Newme No Dark Side 7/24/2022 8/24/2022 Collie Loving Family
Kian Nolan Covey Of Glen 5/5/2022 8/22/2022 Glen of Imaal Terrier Loving Family
Newme Try This One 5/27/2022 7/19/2022 Newfoundland Loving Family
BarStar Love And Thunder 4/18/2022 5/22/2022 Dachshund Loving Family
Newme Sable 4/7/2022 5/20/2022 Collie Loving Family
Tarot Glacial Silver 2/5/2022 3/19/2022 Afghan Hound Loving Family
Carnewf So I Herd 12/17/2021 3/8/2022 Collie Loving Family
Newme Sally 1/1/2022 2/17/2022 Australian Shepherd Loving Family
Newme Stefan 10/14/2021 11/29/2021 Australian Shepherd Loving Family
Newme Steve 10/14/2021 11/23/2021 Australian Shepherd Loving Family
Newme Starla 10/14/2021 11/23/2021 Australian Shepherd Loving Family
Newme and So We Go 9/21/2021 11/21/2021 Dachshund Loving Family
LilGyp What Brilliance 8/28/2021 11/11/2021 Australian Shepherd Loving Family

Did you know?
Additional points may be awarded to the Best of Winners, or a class dog that goes Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, again depending on the number of dogs competing