Champions Finished

The following is a partial list of 20 champions finished by alicin.  This list is not comprehensive, espcially for dogs finished prior to 2008.

Name Birthdate Date Finished Breed Current Owner
Alicins Queen of Hearts 1/31/2021 3/30/2021 Saint Bernard alicin
BlaznHot Night Flight 1/23/2021 3/19/2021 Australian Shepherd alicin
Alicins Heart of Stone 1/31/2021 3/19/2021 Saint Bernard alicin
Alicins Heartbreaker 2/27/2013 6/18/2013 Newfoundland Deceased
King*s Pacifica 12/24/2012 2/13/2013 Saint Bernard Deceased
Skys Crazy All Out 12/14/2012 1/23/2013 Newfoundland Loving Family
King*s Mystical 12/18/2012 1/20/2013 Newfoundland Deceased
Alicins Berry Smoothie 3/31/2011 5/13/2011 Saint Bernard Deceased
Alicins Violet Amethyst 2/2/2011 3/20/2011 Saint Bernard Deceased
Alicins Another Miracle 4/5/2008 6/13/2008 Saint Bernard Deceased
Montianas Arapaho 4/9/2008 6/11/2008 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Montianas Crimson Lights 12/3/2007 1/28/2008 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Montianas Eagle 12/6/2007 1/23/2008 Saint Bernard Loving Family
ADWC Magical Me! 6/29/2007 8/16/2007 Saint Bernard Loving Family
ADWC Silent Hill 6/20/2007 8/2/2007 Saint Bernard Deceased
Montianas Royal Blaze 5/16/2007 7/26/2007 Saint Bernard Deceased
Montianas Twin II 5/27/2007 7/17/2007 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Montianas Savannah 4/2/2007 6/11/2007 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Kens Sweet Bullet 11/21/2006 2/20/2007 Saint Bernard Loving Family
Montianas Mythical Wish 10/5/2006 12/23/2006 Saint Bernard Loving Family

Did you know?
Since its centenary year in 1991, Crufts has officially been recognised as the world's largest and most prestigious dog show by the Guinness Book of Records, with a total of 22,973 dogs being exhibited that year.