`Paradise Valley

I was doing an update with this and another kennel and lost ALL my dogs accomplishments within this kennel.

So Briefly...I am super proud of where the Thai Ridgeback breed stands with an average of 95+ SOP. I started in my Eclipse kennel with Source Dogs, and found hidden studs to work with to get to this point, and moved them to this account.

Thai Ridgeback

PLATINUM GrCH Eclipse MVP Mahomes UD is still #2 Thai Ridgeback & a BRONZE Sire

49 Champions
12 Grand Champions
1 Bronze Dam
1 Bronze Sire

I have since reduced the number of TR as I am working on another quest.

**Quest for homebred CH/GrCH/UD Titled Dogs across all my accounts**

PLATINUM GrCH Eclipse MVP Mahomes UD (Thai Ridgeback) - 08/11/23
GrCH Paradise Laser Focus UD (LakelandTerrier) - 03/14/24



CH Paradise No Shoes Nation - 04/01/24
CH Paradise Somewhere With You - 04/02/24 -- GrCH - 04/15/24
CH Paradise Summertime - 04/09/24
CH Paradise No Fingerprints - 04/12/24

Ibizan Hound

CH Paradise Enemy Mine - 02/22/24 -- GrCH - 06/05/24 -- CD - 03/28/24 -- CDX - 04/01/24 -- UD - 04/14/24
CH Paradise Song From the Heart - 03/03/24

Labrador Retriever

CH Paradise Rain Maker - 03/28/24 -- GrCH - 04/11/24 -- CD - 04/18/24
CH Paradise Mr. Charisma - 04/12/24
CH Paradise Rainstorm - 04/16/24


CH Paradise Color of Money - 04/19/24

Lakeland Terrier
CH Paradise Laser Focus - 02/05/24 -- GrCH - 02/12/24 -- CD - 02/19/24 -- CDX - 02/25/24 -- UD - 03/14/24
CH Paradise Get to Know Me - 02/09/24
CH Paradise Bee Focused - 02/14/24

CH Paradise No Shoes Nation Basenji
GCH CH Paradise Somewhere With You (BBE - G2-G4x2) Basenji
GCH CH UDParadise Laser Focus (Group 4) Lakeland Terrier
GCH CH Paradise Like a Fox (BRONZE GROUP 3) Thai Ridgeback
Kiroja Boxing Day Basenji
Kiroja Sandstone Basenji
Paradise Black Diamond (BBE) Basenji
Paradise On the Rocks (BBE) Basenji
Paradise Rowdy Ronda Rousey (BBE) Basenji
Paradise American Waltz Labrador Retriever
Paradise Dancing in the Rain (BBE) Labrador Retriever
Paradise Paso doble Labrador Retriever
Paradise Rhythm Drums Labrador Retriever
Paradise Rhythm of the Sea Labrador Retriever
Paradise Color Wonder Weimaraner
Paradise Winning Colors Weimaraner

CH Paradise No Fingerprints Basenji
CH Paradise Summertime (BBE - G3-G4) Basenji
GCH CH UDParadise Enemy Mine (G1-G2-G3x9-G4x2) Ibizan Hound
CH Paradise Mr. Charisma (G2) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH CDParadise Rain Maker (G1-G2x2-G3-G4) Labrador Retriever
CH Paradise Rainstorm (Group2) Labrador Retriever
CH Paradise Ghost Buster Thai Ridgeback
CH Paradise Ghost Ridge (Group 4) Thai Ridgeback
CH Paradise Color of Money Weimaraner
Paradise Dancing in the Dark Labrador Retriever
Paradise Three Dog Night Labrador Retriever

By Ch HSP Night Beat (23) out of Paradise Dancing in the Rain.
(6 days)
Paradise Beat It (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
Paradise Beat the Clock (Dog) Labrador Retriever
Paradise Beat the Bank (Dog) Labrador Retriever
By Lunatic Lincoln 2 out of Gaylanns Amber.
(8 days)
Paradise Cadillac Ranch (Dog) Weimaraner

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None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 72.1 (#148)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 2/21/2023
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 4/22/2024
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