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Hello and welcome to Alaskan Woods Kennels!

Breeding Alaskan Malamutes since 2012
Currently returning from a three year break from the game with a new account!

My current highest SOP is 98.30

GCH CH AW Sutton
CH AW Waldeck
CH AW Lancaster
CH AW Bremen
CH AW Enns
AW Segovia
AW Tarifa

-Standardize hindquarter to 9.7
-Bring my mean forequarter and top neck & back to 9.6
-Standardize temperament to 9.9

A lot of the time I don't bother putting puppies up for sale, as there are so many dogs already for sale and 99% of the time they don't sell, it just seems a waste to feed them for a few days just to have to FH them anyway. So, if you're interested in purchasing a dog from me, it's best to message me and I'd be happy to let you know when I have some nice puppies for you.
Thanks for your business!

I try my best to list all my boys up for stud at 30 days, but if you're interested in breeding to one of my guys that isn't up for stud, shoot me a dm and I'll put him up. My CH/GCH boys are $100 and unfinished boys are $50, regardless of SOP.

I am also very open to bitch leases to well established accounts for a reasonable price. I do however request that I get to take a look at the puppies you do not choose to hold back to see if I would be interested in purchasing any of them before you FH/place them up for sale to the public.

Also because I had a couple people curious, the majority of my dogs are named after various cities and towns around the world, that's why a lot of them look weird or look as if they're spelled incorrectly (they're not haha). It also helps me remember which dogs are related when I'm planning breedings because each litter/family of litters comes from the same country (for the most part... after a while you run out of towns in places like Finland haha).

Thanks for checking out my kennel, come back soon!

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