GCH CH Anakie Crystal Bloom (.65W&B 10top.9s) Samoyed
CH Anakie Irish Passion (.60B 10c.9fq,s) Samoyed
CH Anakie Lady in Amber (.65B 10fq.9s.8f) Samoyed
CH Anakie Lightning in a Mirror (.65C 10fq) Samoyed
CH Anakie Song of Ice (-.55W 10c) Samoyed
CH Anakie South Pacific Love (-.70C .9fq10c.8f) Samoyed
CH Anakie South Pacific Pearl (-.70W .9fq10c.8f) Samoyed
CH Anakie South Pacific Summer (.60W .9fq.1c) Samoyed
CH Anakie Steel Maiden (.70W 10fq.9s) Samoyed
CH Anakie Stone Maiden (-.80C 10fq,s.8f) Samoyed
GCH CH Anakie The Irish Princess (.75C 10fq,s.1c.8f**) Samoyed
CH Anakie Wild Irish Lass (.60WB .9fq,s.1c.8f) Samoyed
CH Anakie Woman of Steel (-.65WB10top.9s.8f) Samoyed
Anakie Cold-Hearted Queen (-.75C 10fq.1c) Samoyed
Anakie Irish Bloom (.70B 10fq,9s) Samoyed
Anakie Irish Spring Samoyed
Anakie Irish Winds Samoyed
Anakie Love at Midnight (.60 WB 10fq,s) Samoyed
Anakie South Pacific Lady (.55 Crm .9fq10c) Samoyed
Anakie South Pacific Lass (.55 Crm .9fq10c) Samoyed
Anakie Stealing Music (.65C 10fq,s) Samoyed
Anakie Stealing Stars (-.65W&B) Samoyed
Anakie Steel Lily (-.70W) Samoyed
Anakie Thunder Girl (-.65WB.9fq10s) Samoyed
New Puppy #1 (-.65C 10c BB) Samoyed

GCH CH Anakie Anwend (.65C 10fq,sLR) Samoyed
CH Anakie Notorious Rake (.70W 10fq.1c GL) Samoyed
CH Anakie To Rule in Amber (.65B10f.9s.8ftLR) Samoyed
CH Anakie Whatitiri (.70B 10fq.9s QR) Samoyed
Anakie Cold-Hearted Prince (.65w 10fq,c GL) Samoyed
Anakie Sneaking at Midnight (.60W 10fq.9s QR) Samoyed
Anakie Stealing Light (.65C 10fq,sLR) Samoyed
Anakie Storm Crystal (.75WB10fq.9s.8fQR) Samoyed
Anakie Thunder Thief (.75 WB 10fq,s GL) Samoyed
Anakie Wild Irish Boy (.75WB 10fq.8f LR) Samoyed

By Ch Anakie Anwend out of Ch Anakie Woman of Steel.
(3 days)
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Samoyed
By Ch Anakie Irish Fire out of Ch Anakie Wild Irish Lass.
(3 days)
Anakie Fire Strike (.70WB 10fq.8f LR) (Dog) Samoyed
By Ch Anakie Notorious Rake out of Ch Anakie Queen on Ice.
(3 days)
New Puppy #3 (-.70W) (Bitch) Samoyed
By Ch Anakie To Rule in Amber out of Anakie Thunder Maiden.
(3 days)
Anakie Ruthless Enforcer (Dog) Samoyed
Anakie Princess Rules (Bitch) Samoyed
New Puppy #3 (-.80C) (Dog) Samoyed
By Ch Anakie Irish Sentinel out of Ch Anakie South Pacific Heart.
(3 days)
New Puppy #1 (-.70) (Bitch) Samoyed

Retirement Couch
CH Anakie Ahaura (.55WB.9fq10hq,g,t) Samoyed
Anakie Irish Heart (BMD) Samoyed
General Info
Prestige: 95.7 (#18)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 1/8/2017
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 10/3/2023
Community Rank: 831st
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