Anbu Kennel

Anbu Kennel: IchaIcha Borzois
Chapter Black: ChapterBlack Basset Hounds
Mt Silver: MtSlvr Curly Coated Retrievers
TuxedoBostons2: TxB Boston Terriers
Dynames: Stratos Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Hurricos: Miscellaneous and Obedience
Irish Isles: Aran Irish Terriers
Operation Meteor: Duo Spinone Italianos
Zodiac Alliance: Zala American Foxhounds

razz :p Today I got lost on the road of life razz :p

GCH CH IchaIcha Big Phrase (*) Borzoi
CH IchaIcha Cunning Chance (*) Borzoi
CH IchaIcha Golden Heist (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Kidnapped Misery (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Long Range (BIS) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Magic High (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Smoked Mosaic (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha University (*) Borzoi
CH IchaIcha Waiting For (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Beautiful Vantage (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Boneyard Casino (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Cunning Misery (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha High Class Drama (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha High Hoax (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Long Heist (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Motel (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Muggshots Turf (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Regulated Treasure (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Ruby Class (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Snow Angel (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Sunset Snake Eye (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Treasure Chest (*) Borzoi

GCH CH IchaIcha Cling To Beauty (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Extreme Misery (BISx4, BISS) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Full Potential (BISx2,BISS) Borzoi
CH IchaIcha High Class Bourbon (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha High Wave (*BIS) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Luxury (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Pochita Devil (BISx4) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Tattoos (*BIS) Borzoi
IchaIcha Bargain Lost (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Chainsaw (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Confusing (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha High Class Sabre (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Irony (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Mesa City (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Rocky Start (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Serious Vantage (*) Borzoi

By IchaIcha Haumea out of Ch IchaIcha Long Range.
(0 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Borzoi
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Borzoi
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Borzoi
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Borzoi
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Pochita Devil out of IchaIcha Royal Karma.
(4 days)
IchaIcha Morbid (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Extreme Misery out of IchaIcha Love Is Blind.
(4 days)
IchaIcha Extreme Love (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha High Wave out of IchaIcha Chained Karma.
(4 days)
IchaIcha High Chain (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha New High out of Ch IchaIcha Video Diary.
(4 days)
IchaIcha Sweet Tart (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch Picardy Love Thieves out of Ch IchaIcha Angel Devil.
(8 days)
IchaIcha Claw Devil (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha High Class Bourbon out of IchaIcha Whirlwind Romance.
(10 days)
IchaIcha High Winds (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha High Class Bourbon out of IchaIcha The Black Cat.
(10 days)
IchaIcha Black Bourbon (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Tattoos out of IchaIcha Overboard.
(10 days)
IchaIcha Rivets (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch HP Hard Packed Snow out of Ch IchaIcha High Class Misery.
(12 days)
IchaIcha Upper Tier (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha High Class Bourbon out of Ch IchaIcha Long Range.
(12 days)
IchaIcha Gunsmoke (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Strategic out of Ch IchaIcha Balloon Hoax.
(12 days)
IchaIcha Bon Bon (*) (Dog) Borzoi

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 95.1 (#22)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 1/24/2021
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 4/15/2024
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