Anbu Kennel

Anbu Kennel: IchaIcha Borzois
Chapter Black: ChapterBlack Basset Hounds
Mt Silver: MtSlvr Curly Coated Retrievers
TuxedoBostons2: TxB Boston Terriers
Dynames: Stratos Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Hurricos: Diode Bergamascos
Irish Isles: Aran Irish Terriers
Operation Meteor: Duo Spinone Italianos
Zodiac Alliance: Zala American Foxhounds

razz :p Today I got lost on the road of life razz :p

GCH CH IchaIcha Down Home (*) Borzoi
CH IchaIcha Future Devil (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Mz Ruby (BIS) Borzoi
CH IchaIcha There Be Pirates (BIS) Borzoi
IchaIcha Anti Hero (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Boyevoy Shans (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Dark Beginning (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Deficient Hero (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Full Team Borzoi
IchaIcha Nevermore Borzoi
IchaIcha Solitary Walk Borzoi
IchaIcha Solitary Zombie Borzoi
IchaIcha Stolen Sage (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Ultimate Voodoo Borzoi
IchaIcha Virtual Tonic Borzoi

GCH CH IchaIcha Fighting Chance (BISx3) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Gin and Tonic (*BIS) Borzoi
CH IchaIcha Late Ruby (*) Borzoi
GCH CH IchaIcha Silence Is Screaming (BIS) Borzoi
IchaIcha Canny Tim (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Deadly Regret (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Gin Fizz (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Golden Proposition Borzoi
IchaIcha Grave Silence (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Inception (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Late For School (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Nature Center (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Prancing Around (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Stolen Bullet (*) Borzoi
IchaIcha Tom Collins (*) Borzoi

By Ch IchaIcha Late Ruby out of Ch IchaIcha Stolen Clock.
(1 days)
IchaIcha Stolen Ruby (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Silent Solace out of IchaIcha Nevermore.
(1 days)
IchaIcha The Raven (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Late Ruby out of Ch IchaIcha There Be Pirates.
(4 days)
IchaIcha Doubloon (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch Czarina Scotch Whiskey out of Ch IchaIcha Anonymous.
(5 days)
IchaIcha Oceans Voyage (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Silent Solace out of IchaIcha Shattered Tonic.
(6 days)
IchaIcha Shattered Solace (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch Czarina Graveyard Shift out of IchaIcha Looming Sassafras.
(7 days)
IchaIcha Louder Than Thunder (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch Picardy In The Dark out of Ch IchaIcha Mz Ruby.
(7 days)
IchaIcha Prowling Grounds (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By IchaIcha Silent Duo out of Ch IchaIcha Abduction.
(8 days)
IchaIcha Abducted Silence (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Fighting Chance out of IchaIcha Nymeria.
(8 days)
IchaIcha Premature Presence (*) (Dog) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Gin and Tonic out of IchaIcha Grey Hero.
(8 days)
IchaIcha Gin Hero (*) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch IchaIcha Gin and Tonic out of IchaIcha Dark Descent.
(8 days)
IchaIcha Violet and Lavender (*) (Dog) Borzoi

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 76.2 (#113)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 1/24/2021
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 1/28/2023
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IchaIcha Virtual Tonic
Due 2/1/2023 to IchaIcha Silence Is Screaming
GCH CH IchaIcha Mz Ruby
Due 2/2/2023 to Race Point Smokey