I strive for High SOP,Generic numbers and Coat, Size, and Feet.
Of course the dogs always be healthy with awesome temperaments....

Nachthunde Back to Annaba
Nymble Featherweight
Nymble Light and Dark
Nymble Step Lightly
Nymble Keep Striving

Chihuahua Source Dogs
Annaba Ayoub Champion in 6 Shows, with 3 Majors and a Group 4!

CH Patchouli Dragon Lady (99.85/13-12) Afghan Hound
Nachthunde Back to Annaba (99.80/18-20-20) Afghan Hound
Nymble Featherweight (99.85/18-20-20) Afghan Hound
Nymble Light and Dark (99.90/18-20-20) Afghan Hound
Nymble Step Lightly (99.90/17-19-20) Afghan Hound
Patchouli DominoRain (99.85) Afghan Hound
RHC Habiba At Annaba (99.75/14-12) Afghan Hound
Tarot Fire Fly (99.80/20) Afghan Hound

CH Annaba Ayoub (12.05/17-19-20) Chihuahua
Nymble Keep Striving (99.90/18-20-20) Afghan Hound

By Ch Tarot Ne Plus Ultra out of Ch Patchouli Dragon Lady.
(2 days)
Annaba`s Before The Dawn (99.85/10-9-11) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Annaba`s Why Do You Love Me (99.90/10-9-11) (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Ch Patchouli Shadows of Light out of Tarot Fire Fly.
(8 days)
Annaba`s Song On Fire (99.80) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Annaba`s Take It All (99.85/15-16-18) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Annaba`s Rolling In The Deep (99.80/15-16-18) (Dog) Afghan Hound
Annaba`s Skyfall (99.90/15-16-18) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
By Ch Patchouli Shadows of Light out of RHC Habiba At Annaba.
(10 days)
Annaba`s Love In The Dark (-99.80/19.9S/16-18-2) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Annaba`s Sweetest Devotion (99.80/17-19-20) (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Annaba`s River Lea (99.80/16-18-19) (Bitch) Afghan Hound

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Patchouli DominoRain
Due 12/11/2019 to Tarot Ne Plus Ultra
Nachthunde Back to Annaba
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Tarot Fire Fly
Due 12/12/2019 to Nymble Dark Antics