Gothikas Pisces at ApacheHill Argentine Dogo
Gothikas Slumber at ApacheHill Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Zizz Argentine Dogo
ApacheHill Beach Plans Bull Terrier
ApacheHill Ivory Planet Bull Terrier
ApacheHill Palm Beach Bull Terrier
ApacheHill Plutos Shadow Bull Terrier
ApacheHill Mola di Bari Cane Corso
ApacheHill Polignano a Mare Cane Corso
ApacheHill Cold Fame Giant Schnauzer
ApacheHill Cold Royal Giant Schnauzer
ApacheHill Lost Wave Giant Schnauzer
ApacheHill Pinch of Luck Giant Schnauzer
FSK Cold Snap (High COI) Giant Schnauzer
New Puppy #6 Mudi
New Puppy #9 Mudi

CH CDApacheHill Cold North Giant Schnauzer
ApacheHill Hall of Luck Giant Schnauzer
ApacheHill Lovers and Liars Giant Schnauzer

By Ch Diamenty Packs A Punch out of Parkers Acidalia at Rugeley.
(2 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Mudi
By Ch ApacheHill Cold North out of FSK Cold Snap.
(2 days)
ApacheHill Double Cold (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
ApacheHill Winter Advisory (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By ApacheHill Hall of Luck out of ApacheHill Lost Wave.
(2 days)
ApacheHill Hollow Waves (S&P) (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By Ch FoxFi Gucci Mane out of ApacheHill Cold Fame.
(2 days)
ApacheHill Small Town Famous (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
New Puppy #5 (Dog) Giant Schnauzer
ApacheHill Young and Famous (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By FSK Kasanova out of ApacheHill Pinch of Luck.
(2 days)
ApacheHill Lucky Lovers (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By Ch ~*¨Æ¨*~ Saturn out of ApacheHill Mola di Bari.
(2 days)
ApacheHill Adriatic Sea (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch ~*¨Æ¨*~ Twilight Zone out of ApacheHill Polignano a Mare.
(2 days)
ApacheHill Italian Twilight (Dog) Cane Corso
ApacheHill Ponte dei Lapilli (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Blazons Sparks out of ApacheHill Plutos Shadow.
(2 days)
ApacheHill Shadows N Sparks (Bitch) Bull Terrier
By Ch Shandton Picasso out of Gothikas Pisces at ApacheHill.
(8 days)
ApacheHill Zodiac Painting (Bitch) Argentine Dogo

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Gothikas Slumber at ApacheHill
Due 12/3/2022 to Shandton Hurricane
Zoetic Zizz
Due 12/3/2022 to †Gothikas† Whats Going On
Gothikas Pisces at ApacheHill
Due 12/3/2022 to †Gothikas† Pyrokinesis