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CH DenKees Dark Heart Keeshond
CH DenKees Irish Promise Keeshond
Arkay3 Attitude Adjustment Keeshond
Arkay3 Bad Attitude Keeshond
Arkay3 Barbie Girl Keeshond
Arkay3 Brazen Gold Keeshond
Arkay3 Dark Attitude Keeshond
Arkay3 Full Heart Keeshond
Arkay3 Full Power Keeshond
Arkay3 Heart Of Darkness Keeshond
Arkay3 Heart Of Hearts Keeshond
Arkay3 Irish Heart Keeshond
Arkay3 Irish Heat Keeshond
Arkay3 More Power Keeshond
Arkay3 Roaring Twenty Keeshond
Arkay3 Steely Jill Keeshond
Arkay3 Strong As Steel Keeshond
Arkay3 Strong Steel Keeshond
Arkay3 Unusual Belief Keeshond

CH Arkay3 Dark Heart Keeshond
CH Arkay3 Powerful Belief Keeshond
GCH CH DenKees Heart of Steel (90b 10top,s // TCK) Keeshond
Arkay3 Bold Leader Keeshond
Arkay3 Full Dark Keeshond
Arkay3 Heart Beat Keeshond
Arkay3 Roaring Heart Keeshond
Arkay3 Steely Belief Keeshond
Arkay3 Tool Man Keeshond
Arkay3 Tool Time Keeshond
Arkay3 Unusually Dark Keeshond

By Ch Arkay3 Dark Heart out of Arkay3 More Power.
(1 days)
Arkay3 More Heart (Bitch) Keeshond
By Bizzydog Gold Ring out of Arkay3 Full Power.
(3 days)
Arkay3 Full Ring (Bitch) Keeshond
By Arkay3 Steely Belief out of Arkay3 Irish Heart.
(5 days)
Arkay3 Heart Of Steel (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch DenKees Heart of Steel out of Arkay3 Heart Of Hearts.
(6 days)
Arkay3 Steel Heart (Bitch) Keeshond
Arkay3 Heartbeat Song (Dog) Keeshond
By Arkay3 Unusual Strength out of Arkay3 Strong Steel.
(7 days)
Arkay3 Strength Of Steel (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch Arkay3 Dark Heart out of Arkay3 Attitude Adjustment.
(7 days)
Arkay3 Dark Adjustment (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch Arkay3 Dark Heart out of Arkay3 Strong As Steel.
(10 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Keeshond
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch Arkay3 Dark Heart out of Arkay3 Steely Strength.
(12 days)
Arkay3 Dark Strength (Bitch) Keeshond

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 40.6 (#327)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/13/2003
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 8/1/2021
Community Rank: 457th

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Arkay3 Strong As Steel
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Arkay3 Steely Jill
Due 8/5/2021 to Arkay3 Dark Heart
Arkay3 Attitude Adjustment
Due 8/6/2021 to DenKees Steel Cap Boots
Arkay3 Strong Steel
Due 8/6/2021 to DenKees Seven League Boots