Badlands Kennels

Hey Friends! I have been playing this game since about 2006, I started as Spring Side Kennels breeding German Shepherds, I had a family account a long time ago. I ended up leaving for a while for financial and life reasons, I am proud to be back now though as I've missed this game so much!

I have began to build a line of Belgian Malinois and thanks to another player have had some success in doing so.

I am still working on my line and am happy to help other players in the breed, if you need a stud or some fesher blood please don't hesitate to ask!

Champions finished:

German Shepherd Dogs:
CH. BWR Space Girl 8/25/21
CH. Badlands Full Eclipse 11/09/21

Belgian Malinois:
CH. Joyride Rendevous at Badland 2/5/23
CH. Badlands Incognito 2/16/23
CH. Badlands Final Watch 2/26/23
CH. Badlands Back it Up 3/03/23
CH. Badlands Top Secret 3/05/23
CH. Badlands Seek and Destroy 3/10/23
CH. Badlands Pumpkin Spice 3/13/23
CH. Stellen D01 908 3/20/23
CH. Badlands Speak in Code 3/23/23
CH. Badlands In the Hot Seat 3/25/23
CH. Badlands Space Jam 3/26/23
CH. Badlands Rock AF 4/01/23
CH. Brescia Winchester 21 4/04/23
CH. Badlands Twisted and Topped 4/05/23
CH. Brescia Freeze Warning 4/05/23
CH. Badlands Versace 4/06/23
CH. Brescia Annie Get Your Gun 4/07/23
CH. Brescia Take a Joyride 4/09/23
CH. Brescia Have Gun Will Travel 4/10/23
CH. Brescia Mint Magic 4/10/23
CH. Breyers Tidal Wave at Joyride 4/10/23
CH. Breyers Blindsided by Joyride 4/11/23
CH. Badlands Shake On It 4/13/23
CH. Brescia Model 12 4/13/23
CH. Badlands Space Girl 4/14/23
CH. Badlands Cinnabun 4/18/23
CH. Breyers Got Lost at Joyride 4/19/23
CH. Badlands Top Gun 4/19/23
CH. Badlands Knock Out 4/20/23
CH. Brescia Into the Badlands 4/23/23
CH. Badlands Space Case 4/24/23
CH. Badlands Money Man 4/24/23
CH. Badlands Astronaut 4/24/23
CH. Badlands Man of the Hour 4/25/23
CH. Badlands Baretta 5/02/23
CH. Badlands Hot Takes 5/05/23
CH. Badlands Quick Cruise 5/06/23
CH. Badlands Flash Freeze 5/12/23
CH. Badlands First Edition 5/13/23
CH. Badlands Smith 5/13/23
CH. Badlands Riding The Waves 5/16/23
CH. Badlands Venom 5/20/23
CH. Badlands The Final Launch 5/22/23
CH. Badlands Lemon Pepper 5/25/23
CH. Badlands Kimber 5/26/23
CH. Badlands Cayenne Pepper 5/27/23

CH Badlands Baretta (91.2 ) Belgian Malinois
CH Badlands First Edition (No red 89.0 ) Belgian Malinois
CH Badlands Flash Freeze (90.3 -1) Belgian Malinois
CH Badlands Kimber (No red 89.2 -1) Belgian Malinois
CH Badlands Knock Out (90.8 SS -1) Belgian Malinois
CH Badlands Lemon Pepper (89.3 -1) Belgian Malinois
CH Badlands Quick Cruise (No red 91.3 *) Belgian Malinois
CH Badlands Riding the Waves (90.0 *) Belgian Malinois
CH Brescia Mint Magic (No red 91.3 ) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Anastasia (91.3 SS *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Copperhead (91.6 SS *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Cruise Contol (90.7 *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Fantasia (90.7 *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Galaxy Girl (** No red 88.2 *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Get Lost With Me (No red 90.9 SS *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Lady of the Night (** 89.0 SS -1) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Warning Shot (No red 90.4 *) Belgian Malinois

CH Badlands Hot Takes (90.4 SS ) Belgian Malinois
CH Badlands Venom (No red 93.6 SS ) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Cobra (No red 91.4 *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Explore the Galaxy (90.7 *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Fire When Ready (No red 90.8 *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands First Class (92.1 SS ) Belgian Malinois
Badlands High Class (*91.3 SS ) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Judgement Day (91.3 SS *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Mint Chip (No red 91.0 SS *) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Night Cruise (** No red 90.9 ) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Smokin Gun (No red 91.2 SS *) Belgian Malinois

By Badlands High Class out of Badlands Warning Shot.
(0 days)
New Puppy #6 (92.6 *) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
Badlands No Warnings Given (92.1 SS *) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Flash Warning (91.7 SS*) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands Top Gun out of Badlands Cruise Contol.
(0 days)
Badlands Captain (90.8 SS *) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
By Badlands First Class out of Ch Badlands First Edition.
(0 days)
Badlands First in Line (91.0 *) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands Hot Takes out of Ch Badlands Riding the Waves.
(0 days)
Badlands Surfer Girl (91.0 SS *) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Surfs Up (91.2 SS * ) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands Hot Takes out of Badlands Galaxy Girl.
(0 days)
Badlands Seeing Stars (90.7 *) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Name in the Stars (89.9 *) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands Top Gun out of Badlands Copperhead.
(5 days)
Badlands Pick Your Poison (90.5 (TNB) *) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands Venom out of Ch Badlands Quick Cruise.
(5 days)
Badlands Viper (No red 92.4 *) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Black Racer (91.4 SS *) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Boa (No red 92.5 SS *) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands Venom out of Ch Badlands Kimber.
(5 days)
Badlands Sling Shot (No red 92.1 FS) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Shot in the Dark (92.6 SS *) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands Venom out of Ch Badlands Cayenne Pepper.
(5 days)
Badlands Carolina Reaper (No red 92.0 SS *) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands The Final Launch out of Ch Badlands Flash Freeze.
(6 days)
Badlands Icey Hot (No red 90.9 *) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois
Badlands Ice Breaker (No red 91.6 SS *) (Dog) Belgian Malinois
By Ch Badlands The Final Launch out of Ch Badlands Lemon Pepper.
(6 days)
Badlands LuLu Lemon (91.4 *) (Bitch) Belgian Malinois

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