Boodie Kennels

BK All On My Tongue I Want It (99.3 BREED) English Setter
BK Fancy Like Oh (99.4 BREED) English Setter
BK I Get Groupies At My Shows (99.35 BREED) English Setter
BK If I Hold On To You (99.4 SHOW) English Setter
BK LIZZO x CARDI B. RÜMØRS.! (99.5 SESS) English Setter
BK My Girl Is BÂNGÏN (99.3 BREED) English Setter
BK Oh I LØVË The Taste.! (99.4 BREED) English Setter
BK Running From Me.! (99.4 BREED) English Setter
BK Running To You.! (99.4 SHOW) English Setter
BK Sugar I Aint No ÐUMM¥.! (99.4 BREED) English Setter
BK Ðøjä Cät Yøur Rïght.! (99.35 SHOW) English Setter
BK All The RÜMØRS Are True.! (99.75 SESS) Gordon Setter
BK Call My Bluff (99.55 (99.75) BREED) Gordon Setter
BK Try Your Luck (99.45 (99.75) BREED) Gordon Setter
BK Turning BÏG GÏRLS Into H*** (99.7 SESS) Gordon Setter
BK Vivica A. Fox (99.6 BREED) Gordon Setter
BK Wendy Williams (99.5 BREED ) Gordon Setter
BK Yep Thats The Wörd.! (99.75 SHOW) Gordon Setter
BK ËL PÁSØ Texas (99.75 SHOW) Irish Setter
BK If Yøu Wânnâ Rølë With Më (99.75 SHOW) Irish Setter
BK Knees Like Megan.!! (99.7 BREED) Irish Setter
BK Per The RËCØRÐÌNG Academy (99.85 SESS) Irish Setter
BK Shaking A** On My THØT S*** (99.85 SESS) Irish Setter
BK Sweetener By Ariana Grande (99.7 BREED) Irish Setter
BK Yøu Wânt Më.! (99.7 BREED) Irish Setter
BK Ð Ä L L Ä S Texas (99.7 SHOW) Irish Setter

GCH CH BK Pick Up Your Feelings.! (99.35 BISS) English Setter
CH BK Pistäl By The Bed.! (99.4 SHOW) English Setter
CH BK H Ø U S T Ö N Texas (99.7 SHOW) Irish Setter
BK Fancy Like APPLËBËËS.! (99.45 SESS) English Setter
BK I Gøt A Mân But I Wànt Yöu (99.45 SHOW) English Setter
BK No I Aint F*** ÐRÁKË Yet.! (99.45 SESS) English Setter
BK Run Më Mý Këýs.! (99.4 SHOW) English Setter
BK Sick of RUMØRS.! (99.45 SESS) English Setter
BK TALKIN TALKIN TALKIN.! (99.45 SESS) English Setter
BK Baby What You Wanna ÐØ.! (99.75 SESS) Gordon Setter
BK Cause Im BULLËTPRØØF.! (99.75 SHOW) Gordon Setter
BK Shining Just The Way U Are (99.75 SHOW) Gordon Setter
BK Yep Thats It.! (99.75 SHOW) Gordon Setter
UDBK Hands on Yo Knees.!! (99.75 SHOW) Irish Setter
BK Im Ready To PÙLL ÚP On U (99.85 SESS) Irish Setter
BK MINËØLÂ Texas (99.75 SESS) Irish Setter
BK Type S*** Have U WÏLÐÏN (99.9 SESS) Irish Setter

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