Brinn was my 1st real life Boxer and a really sweet girl!!

SILVER GCH BRN Roses Are Red 1 BIS 2 BISS Boxer
BRONZE GCH BRN Summer Fling Boxer
GCH BRN Crystal Clear 1 BIS Boxer
GCH BRN Majestic Man Boxer

SILVER DAM Residential Clue Great Dane
BRONZE GCH Lightnings Smoke On The Water Great Dane
GCH CLDSPG Eclipse Great Dane
GCH BRN Full Moon Rising Great Dane
GCH BRN Blue Ribbon 1 BIS Great Dane
GCH BRN Out Of The Darkness 2 BIS Great Dane

CH BRN Plain Living (99.95) Boxer
GCH CH BRN Silly Little Girl (99.95) Boxer
GCH CH BRN Silly Season (99.95) Boxer
CH BRN Caramel Blue (100.00) Great Dane
CH BRN Misty Blue (100.00) Great Dane
GCH CH BRN Pretty As A Picture (100.00) Great Dane
CH BRN Smokey Blue (100.00) Great Dane
BRN Fire Rain (99.95) Boxer
BRN Call Me Misty (100.00) Great Dane

CH BRN Fires Edge (99.95) Boxer
GCH CH BRN Just Plain Silly (100.00) Boxer
CH BRN Time Of The Season (99.95) Boxer
GCH CH Velvet`s Live for Today (99.95) Boxer
GCH CH Ashesss Halsey (100.00) Great Dane
CH BRN Blue Smoke (100.00) Great Dane
CH BRN Coal Patches (100.00) Great Dane
CH BRN Dark Delight (100.00) Great Dane
CH BRN Picture Perfect (100.00) Great Dane
BRN Time Traveler (100.00) Boxer
BRN New Englands Legacy (100.00) Great Dane

By Ch Velvet`s Live for Today out of BRN Ninth Beginning.
(2 days)
BRN Tenth Beginning (Dog) Boxer
By Ch Velvet`s Moment in Song out of BRN Fire Rain.
(10 days)
BRN Girl In The Moment (Bitch) Boxer
BRN Edge Of Fire (Dog) Boxer
BRN Today’s Girl (99.95) (Bitch) Boxer
BRN Fire Dance (Bitch) Boxer
By Ch BRN Dark Delight out of Ch BRN Mist And Smoke.
(10 days)
BRN Dark Smoke (Dog) Great Dane
By Ch Ashesss Halsey out of BRN Call Me Misty.
(10 days)
BRN Miss Charcoal (Bitch) Great Dane
BRN Shining Blue (Dog) Great Dane
BRN Out Of Ashesss (Bitch) Great Dane
By Ch BRN Dark Delight out of BRN Rising Mist.
(10 days)
BRN Water Lilly (Bitch) Great Dane

Retirement Couch
GCH CH BRN Mist And Smoke (100.00) Great Dane
GCH CH Lightnings Smoke on the Water (Drake) Great Dane
General Info
Prestige: 70.7 (#148)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 4/18/2020
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 4/18/2021
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"BIS Boxer!"
8 replies | 4/3/2021

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