CH Canasta’s By Chance Beauceron
CH Canasta’s Seeing Is Believing German Pinscher
Canasta’s Devilish Deva Beauceron
Canasta’s Huntress Beauceron
Canasta’s Looking Hot Beauceron
Canasta’s Take A Picture Beauceron
Canasta’s White Witch Beauceron
Canasta’s Belle Of The ball (Brood) German Pinscher
Canasta’s High Stepper German Pinscher
Canasta’s Little Bit Of Luck German Pinscher

CH CDXCanasta’s All In Beauceron
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Dogma German Pinscher
Canasta’s Cold Case Beauceron
Canasta’s Hot Shot Beauceron
Canasta’s Magic Eightball (Stud) Beauceron
Canasta’s Shot Glass (Stud) Beauceron
Canasta’s Shot Of Poison Beauceron
Canasta’s Take Your Shot Beauceron
Canasta’s White Wizard (Stud) Beauceron
Canasta’s City Slicker Boxer
Canasta’s Man Of Steel Boxer
Canasta’s Big Blue (Stud) German Pinscher
Canasta’s Big Ego German Pinscher
Canasta’s Big Foot German Pinscher
Canasta’s Big Luck (Stud) German Pinscher
Canasta’s Black Magic (Stud) German Pinscher
Canasta’s Cold Feet (Stud) German Pinscher
Canasta’s Lucky Dog (Stud) German Pinscher
Canasta’s Lucky Duck (Stud) German Pinscher

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
GCH CH UDCanasta’s She’s All That Beauceron
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Shot In The Dark Beauceron
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Smokin Hot Beauceron
CH UDWS Smoking Gun @ Canasta Beauceron
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Caught A Vibe Boxer
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Keep The Vibe Boxer
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Cosmopolitan Dalmatian
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Stepping Stone Dalmatian
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Black Jewel German Pinscher
GCH CH UDCanasta’s Black Special German Pinscher
General Info
Prestige: 62.6 (#170)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 9/1/2012
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 10/6/2022

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