~~~~ happy :) ~~~~

In this kennel I am
showing and breeding
Newfoundland Dogs.

I am also working towards bringing
Pyrenean Shepherds
back into the game.

I am willing, as well,
to Session and show a dog in a breed needing players.
Drop me a message if you have a rare or disappearing breed that needs some help.

I sell to any player who exhibits an understanding of the game

Have fun, play right, play fair.

GCH CH Carnewf Another Beauty (23) Newfoundland
CH Carnewf for This Newfoundland
CH Carnewf One More Time Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Up Above (920) Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Zenith (1040) Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Hey Doll Pyrenean Shepherd
CH Carnewf Indecisive (adj 98.7) Pyrenean Shepherd
GCH CH Carnewf Lady in Blue (20) Pyrenean Shepherd
Carnewf Cissy (130) Newfoundland
Carnewf Second trial F Newfoundland
Carnewf second trial head (130) Newfoundland
Carnewf Sees Her Way Newfoundland

GCH CH Carnewf Another Show Newfoundland
CH Carnewf Sees the Way Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf There’s My Boy Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Nick Pyrenean Shepherd
CH Carnewf Show the Way Pyrenean Shepherd
Carnewf Boy oh Boy Newfoundland
Carnewf eighteen head Newfoundland
Carnewf second trial headly Newfoundland

By Blitzd Dark Streets out of Ch Carnewf Lady in Blue.
(5 days)
Carnewf Keep Up (Bitch) Pyrenean Shepherd
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Pyrenean Shepherd
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Pyrenean Shepherd
By Carnewf Random out of Carnewf Cissy.
(7 days)
Carnewf Cee Mee (Bitch) Newfoundland
New Puppy #7 (Dog) Newfoundland

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Carnewf Benny Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf First Rose Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Frank Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Lucky (Ret 1/8) Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Ralf Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Shamrock Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Sweetie (1030) Newfoundland
GCH CH Carnewf Brushed Gold Pyrenean Shepherd
GCH CH Carnewf Call Me Adorable Pyrenean Shepherd
CH Carnewf Could Have Fooled Me (adj 98.7) Pyrenean Shepherd
GCH CH Carnewf Happy Jack Pyrenean Shepherd
GCH CH Carnewf One of Two Pyrenean Shepherd
GCH CH Carnewf Riddle Pyrenean Shepherd
GCH CH Carnewf Roddie Pyrenean Shepherd
GCH CH Carnewf Two of Two Pyrenean Shepherd
General Info
Prestige: 82.3 (#77)
Location: Canada
Signed Up: 11/4/2003
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 6/20/2021

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Carnewf second trial head
Due 6/24/2021 to Carnewf There’s My Boy
Carnewf Cissy
Due 6/24/2021 to Carnewf second trial headly