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In real life, I am the 4th generation of Boston owners and/or breeders. I have owned Bostons for almost 40 years, so it is only natural that I breed them in this game too.

Unfortunately, it seems that Bostons fell into oblivion and now we are all having to start over, practically from scratch. SOPs are considerably lower than most breeds, but improving.
Here at Cinema I am focusing not only on improving the quality, but I'm also staying true to the correct breed colors, which are Black & White or Brindle & White ONLY! All other colors in this game(other than Liver & White) are not AND NEVER HAVE BEEN legitimate colors in the Real-Life breed, unless unscrupulous breeders mixed them with other breeds to introduce these non-standard colors. Sadly these adulterated colors seem to be dominating the better quality dogs in this game, so combining quality with correct color is a little harder to do. I have used these non-standard colors to improve the quality of the first couple generations, but I have almost completely phased them out. If I have a quality puppy of a color I don't want, I may place it up for sale for other breeders to use, otherwise it will go to a Forever Home if it doesn't sell.

I will only keep and offer a boy at stud if he is the correct color and has the potential to help improve quality.

Feel free to message me if you have questions or see something you want to buy.

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