Cloud 9 K9s

In this kennel I am focusing on the Giant Schnauzers. I work with this sleek and stylish breed on a small but very quality oriented level breeding the absolute best to offer high show potential. I have also been lucky enough to get a few Miniature Schnauzers and have very high hopes for them.
**Owner of: Silver Ring Kennel, Havok Kennel, and Sweet Frog Kennel**

BIS Wins
12/01/20 C9K9 Monster Hunter

CH C9K9 Tempest in Action Giant Schnauzer
CH C9K9 Angel Britches Miniature Schnauzer
CH C9K9 Twisted Miniature Schnauzer
C9K9 Bambo Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Ink Spot (Sell) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Magenta Stride Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Midnight Surprise Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Misha Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Mistress of Monsters Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 New Times Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Play Right Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Roll Tide Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Well Played Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 After Dark (show) Miniature Schnauzer
C9K9 Brianna (sell) Miniature Schnauzer
C9K9 Twitter Miniature Schnauzer
Kiroja School House Miniature Schnauzer

CH C9K9 Basilisk (show) Giant Schnauzer
CH CDC9K9 Hirikka (Show,train) Giant Schnauzer
GCH CH UDC9K9 Monster Hunter (Show,train) Giant Schnauzer
GCH CH C9K9 Black Ditch Effort (Show) Miniature Schnauzer
C9K9 Dark Path (Sell) Giant Schnauzer
CDC9K9 Exceptional Beast (Show, train ) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Horcrux (show) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Magnificent Merriment Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Night Fight Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Slammer Queen Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 The Interval (Show) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Bentley Bop (Show) Miniature Schnauzer
C9K9 Brian (sell) Miniature Schnauzer
C9K9 Factors of Effect (Show) Miniature Schnauzer

By C9K9 Horcrux out of C9K9 Ink Spot.
(1 days)
C9K9 Spot Me (Show ) (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Fainting Spell (Show ) (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By Ch C9K9 Monster Hunter out of C9K9 Miraged.
(6 days)
C9K9 Canteena (Sell) (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Blackbird (Show) (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Marmalade (Show) (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By Ch C9K9 Hirikka out of C9K9 Misha.
(6 days)
C9K9 Inauguration (Dog) Giant Schnauzer
By Ch C9K9 Black Ditch Effort out of Kiroja School House.
(7 days)
C9K9 Mimi (Bitch) Miniature Schnauzer
By C9K9 Bentley Bop out of C9K9 Twitter.
(7 days)
C9K9 Barista (Bitch) Miniature Schnauzer
C9K9 Barron (Show) (Dog) Miniature Schnauzer
By Ch C9K9 Monster Hunter out of C9K9 Consort.
(11 days)
C9K9 Captain (Sell) (Dog) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Continuous (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By Ch C9K9 Monster Hunter out of Ch C9K9 Risky Road.
(11 days)
C9K9 Rivaled Rage (Show) (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By Ch C9K9 Black Ditch Effort out of Ch C9K9 Twisted.
(11 days)
C9K9 Glamorous Day (Sell) (Dog) Miniature Schnauzer
By Ch C9K9 Black Ditch Effort out of Ch C9K9 Angel Britches.
(11 days)
C9K9 Effort is Key (Sell) (Dog) Miniature Schnauzer
By SiRR Blu Walker out of Ch C9K9 Tempest in Action.
(11 days)
C9K9 Tempestuous (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 79.5 (#85)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 4/29/2020
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 1/18/2021
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Upcomming Litters
C9K9 Midnight Surprise
Due 1/19/2021 to C9K9 Basilisk
CH C9K9 Twisted
Due 1/19/2021 to C9K9 Bentley Bop
C9K9 Well Played
Due 1/19/2021 to C9K9 Monster Hunter
CH C9K9 Tempest in Action
Due 1/20/2021 to C9K9 Basilisk
CH C9K9 Angel Britches
Due 1/20/2021 to Kiroja Work Out The Kinks
C9K9 Play Right
Due 1/22/2021 to C9K9 Horcrux