Cloud 9 K9s

In this kennel I am focusing on the fun and colorful Saluki and hope to purchase some Giant Schnauzers. I work with the irresistibly adorable Brussels Griffon in my two other kennels and am always willing to help anyone who would like one of those little cuties.
**Owner of: Silver Ring Kennel and Sweet Frog Kennel**
*Affiliated with but do not own: Havok Kennel*

CH UDC9K9 Figaro (show, train)) Giant Schnauzer
GCH CH C9K9 Oil Slick (show) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Clerical Questioning Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Council the Masses Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Emboldened Heiress (Show) Paris) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Fila Mia Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Freya Mina Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Jordan’s Crossing Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Jordanian Princess Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Keen Arrow (show) Arrow) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Keen Spirit Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Question My Integrity Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Testing My Patience Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Ambivia Saluki
C9K9 Chasing the Darkness Saluki
C9K9 Crave Sensation Saluki
C9K9 Crave The Darkness Saluki
C9K9 Diamond Cream Saluki
C9K9 My Fair Maiden Saluki
C9K9 Spicy Moonshine Saluki
C9K9 Strawberry Dessert Saluki

GCH CH C9K9 Evergreen Commission (show) Mason) Giant Schnauzer
GCH CH UDC9K9 Ferdinand (show) Train) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Arabian Prince (show) Prince) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Coal Miner (show) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Fan of the Commision (Show, train) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Mud Slinger Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Night King Giant Schnauzer
CDC9K9 Tycoon (Show, train) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Exotic Glitter Saluki
C9K9 KISS The Sky Saluki

By Gaylanns Salah (19) out of C9K9 Crave Sensation.
(0 days)
C9K9 Choc Baseball (Dog) Saluki
By Jericho Al Johar out of C9K9 Crave The Darkness.
(0 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Saluki
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Saluki
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Saluki
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Saluki
By Jericho Al Johar out of C9K9 My Fair Maiden.
(4 days)
C9K9 Trying So Hard (Bitch) Saluki
By Ch C9K9 Evergreen Commission out of C9K9 Keen Arrow.
(5 days)
C9K9 Hunter (sell) (Dog) Giant Schnauzer
By C9K9 Arabian Prince out of C9K9 Jordanian Princess.
(5 days)
C9K9 Blast Injury (Dog) Giant Schnauzer
By C9K9 Coal Miner out of Ch C9K9 Oil Slick.
(6 days)
C9K9 Earth Energy (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By Ch Bluenotes Snow Falling at FSK out of Ch C9K9 Direct Questioning.
(12 days)
C9K9 Near The Snow (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
C9K9 Coldhearted Temple (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer
By Attila Al Johar out of C9K9 Diamond Cut.
(12 days)
C9K9 Silk Road (Dog) Saluki
By Gaylanns Salah (19) out of C9K9 Glitter Isabella.
(13 days)
C9K9 Vanilla Cookie (Bitch) Saluki
By Gaylanns Salah (19) out of C9K9 Uninterrupted.
(13 days)
C9K9 Hot Boy (Dog) Saluki
C9K9 Rhumba (Bitch) Saluki
By C9K9 Arabian Prince out of Blunotes This is Not a Test.
(13 days)
C9K9 Desert Princess (Show, train) (Bitch) Giant Schnauzer

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Prestige: 57.3 (#196)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 4/29/2020
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 8/14/2020
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"Wonderful proven Giant Schnauzer female"
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Upcomming Litters
C9K9 Diamond Cream
Due 8/15/2020 to Gaylanns Salah (19)
CH UD C9K9 Figaro
Due 8/17/2020 to C9K9 Evergreen Commission
C9K9 Fila Mia
Due 8/19/2020 to C9K9 Evergreen Commission
C9K9 Freya Mina
Due 8/19/2020 to C9K9 Coal Miner