CoralBlitz Aussies

CH CoralBlitz Toasted Perfection (Smores) Australian Shepherd
GCH CH CoralBlitz Baby Youre A (Firework) Japanese Chin
CH CoralBlitz Never Worn White (Dove) Japanese Chin
GCH CH CoralBlitz Teenage Dream (Katy) Japanese Chin
CH CoralBlitz She Wore White (Peony) Smooth Fox Terrier
CH CoralBlitz Shine Bright (Diamond) Smooth Fox Terrier
GCH CH CoralBlitz Sushi Time (Nori) Smooth Fox Terrier
CoralBlitz Blue Lights (Sky) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Close To Home (Winter) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Dragon Goddess (Kiki) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Ice Breaker (Icy) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Red Topaz (Topaz) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Small But Mighty (Seneca) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Trident Splash (Splash) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Follow Your Dreams (Mystic) Japanese Chin
CoralBlitz Magic Dust (Pixie) Japanese Chin
CoralBlitz Now You See Me (Cena) Japanese Chin
CoralBlitz Tick Tick Boom (Dyna) Japanese Chin
CoralBlitz Twisted Surprise (Robin) Japanese Chin
CoralBlitz Diamond In The Ruff (Carat) Smooth Fox Terrier
CoralBlitz Girls Like You (Cardi) Smooth Fox Terrier

CH CoralBlitz Irish Warrior (Killian) Australian Shepherd
GCH CH CoralBlitz Hot N Cold (Perry) Japanese Chin
CH CoralBlitz Hot Topic (Mojave) Japanese Chin
GCH CH CoralBlitz Piece Of My Heart (Steven) Japanese Chin
GCH CH CoralBlitz Walk This Way (Tyler) Japanese Chin
CH CoralBlitz Tiger Roll (Sakura) Smooth Fox Terrier
CoralBlitz Before The Storm (Cassel) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Eyes On The Prize (Focus) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Path Worth Taking (Token) Australian Shepherd
CoralBlitz Just Do It (Nike) Japanese Chin
CoralBlitz Feel The Burn (Reaper) Smooth Fox Terrier
CoralBlitz Read My Mind (Psychic) Smooth Fox Terrier
CoralBlitz Roll It Up (Dragon) Smooth Fox Terrier
CoralBlitz Woody Way (Woody) Smooth Fox Terrier

By Ch CoralBlitz Say It Again out of Ch CoralBlitz She Wore White.
(0 days)
CoralBlitz Yin and Yang (Justice) (Bitch) Smooth Fox Terrier
By Ch CoralBlitz Irish Warrior out of CoralBlitz By The Moon.
(0 days)
CoralBlitz Moonlight (Lua) (Bitch) Australian Shepherd
By Ch CoralBlitz Hot N Cold out of Ch CoralBlitz Never Worn White.
(1 days)
CoralBlitz Starstrukk (Bloom) (Bitch) Japanese Chin
CoralBlitz California Girl (Cali) (Bitch) Japanese Chin
By Ch CoralBlitz Spice It Up out of Ch CoralBlitz Fortune Teller.
(8 days)
CoralBlitz Spiced Cookie (Ginger) (Bitch) Smooth Fox Terrier

Retirement Couch
CH CoralBlitz Blackout (Onyx) Australian Shepherd
CH CoralBlitz Clear Precision (Dottie) Australian Shepherd
CH CoralBlitz Gemstone (Sapphire) Australian Shepherd
GCH CH CoralBlitz Limoncello (Limon) Japanese Chin
CH CoralBlitz Sweet And Sour (Lemon) Japanese Chin
GCH CH CoralBlitz Glamour Gurl (Glitz) Smooth Fox Terrier
GCH CH CoralBlitz In It To Win It (Star) Smooth Fox Terrier
General Info
Prestige: 74.0 (#117)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 9/20/2020
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 9/28/2021
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Upcomming Litters
CoralBlitz Blue Lights
Due 9/29/2021 to CoralBlitz Before The Storm
CoralBlitz Dragon Goddess
Due 9/29/2021 to CoralBlitz Country Strong