CountryStrong Kennels

Welcome To CountryStrong Kennels!

At CountryStrong Kennels our goal is to continually breed the best dogs that we can and make our way to the top!

Established in February 2015, CountryStrong Kennels has one goal in mind-- to breed the best ACDs in town! Despite what one may think, CountryStrong isn't new to the rodeo though with their Showdog days starting back in 2006. After a long hiatus, we are now back and better than ever!

Currently Conditioning For Show

CountryStrong Rise N Shine
93.25 Dog

CountryStrong Stella Artois
93.30 Bitch

CountryStrong Pink Lemonade
93.65 Bitch

CountryStrong KingOfTheJungle
93.35 Dog

CountryStrong Bloody Mary
93.30 Bitch

In The Ring

CountryStrong Wild Rose
93.55 Bitch

CountryStrong Boondocks
93.60 Dog

I have several puppies for sale from $100-$150 each!

GCH CH Lanakila Meet N Greet
92.75 Dog

GCH CH CountryStrong Uptown Funk
92.95 Dog

GCH CH CountryStrong Sweet Dreams
93.70 Dog

CH CountryStrong American Kids
93.05 Dog

CH CountryStrong Red Rooster
93.15 Dog

CountryStrong Duke of Hazzard
"Duke II"

CountryStrong Kings Greeting
93.00 Dog

GCH CH CountryStrong Blueberry Shine
93.30 Bitch

GCH CH CountryStrong Caribbean Blue
93.35 Bitch

CH CountryStrong Ancient Beauty
92.85 Bitch

CH CountryStrong Raspberry Wheat
92.80 Bitch

CH CountryStrong Opal Eyes
93.15 Bitch

CH CountryStrong Uptown Girl
93.55 Bitch

CountryStrong Wild Rose
93.55 Bitch

CountryStrong Pink Lemonade
93.65 Bitch

CountryStrong Stella Artois
93.30 Bitch

CountryStrong Bloody Mary
93.30 Bitch

CountryStrong Bedhead Beauty
92.75 Bitch

CountryStrong BoogieBlues
92.95 Bitch

CountryStrong Daisy Duke
92.75 Bitch

CountryStrong Dance-Off
92.55 Bitch

CountryStrong Flora-Bama
92.70 Bitch

CountryStrong Lemon Drop
92.50 Bitch

CountryStrong Star of Seshat
92.60 Bitch

HR Rosealeigh
92.80 Bitch

Lanakila Jungle Fun
92.80 Bitch

Lanakila Pharaohs Treasure
92.75 Bitch

Puppies for Sale

When I have puppies for sale, they will typically be for $100, maybe up to $200 if the dog is exceptional, pointed, or finished. If you see something you want (puppies) that isn't for sale and isn't named yet, ask about it or I might FH it.

I am willing to sell to Basics but standard accounts (and people already established in ACDs, including Basics)
get priority on the good dogs. If you are a basic and really want a good dog, email me and I will let you have a particularly nice one as not every reasonably good dog is offered
on by someone else.

I ask that when you purchase unnamed pups that you use my prefix, if you wish for an exception to the rule message me and let me know what you have in mind.

Stud Services

All my boys will be at stud, no approval required. Most will typically be $25-$100 to keep it affordable.

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