Dark Mirage

Welcome to Dark Mirage!

I last played in 2012 and am glad to be back!

I'm currently specializing in Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Tervuren, and a few Shelties and a Samoyed or two thrown in for good measure.

CH Dark Mirage Sorcha Belgian Sheepdog
CH HSs Epic Bella Belgian Sheepdog
GCH CH Dark Mirage Alva Belgian Tervuren
GCH CH Windgate True Spirit (100.00 BIS/BISS) Belgian Tervuren
CH Taymyr Soho Gem (99) Samoyed
Dark Mirage Billie Jean Belgian Sheepdog
Dark Mirage Mariah Belgian Sheepdog
Dark Mirage Placida Belgian Sheepdog
Dark Mirage Me N Bobby McGee Belgian Tervuren
Dark Mirage Tullamore Dew Belgian Tervuren
Lightnings Somebody to Love Belgian Tervuren
Dark Mirage Baikal Rose (98.7 - brood) Samoyed
Dark Mirage Wendiga Samoyed

CH Dark Mirage Eoin (BIS) Belgian Sheepdog
CH HSs Dodger (99.30/20) Belgian Sheepdog
CH Dark Mirage FarNAway (BIS) Belgian Tervuren
CH Dark Mirage Grå (Gray 100) Belgian Tervuren
CH Dark Mirage Malachi Belgian Tervuren
CH Dark Mirage Ronin Belgian Tervuren
GCH CH Taymyr Highland Gift (99.00 BISS) Samoyed
Dark Mirage Empire Maker Belgian Sheepdog
Dark Mirage Skywalking (10 feet - stud) Belgian Sheepdog
Dark Mirage Free Fallin Belgian Tervuren
Dark Mirage Stars on the Water Belgian Tervuren

By Ch HSs Dodger out of Ch HSs Epic Bella.
(3 days)
Dark Mirage By The Wae (Bitch) Belgian Sheepdog
By Ch Taymyr Guardian of the Sea out of Ch Taymyr Soho Gem.
(4 days)
Dark Mirage Some to the Sea (Bitch) Samoyed
By Ch HSs Dodger out of Ch Dark Mirage Sorcha.
(7 days)
Dark Mirage See You Again (brood) (Bitch) Belgian Sheepdog
By Ch Taymyr Guardian of the Sea out of Dark Mirage Baikal Rose.
(10 days)
Dark Mirage Sparklin Smoke (Dog) Samoyed
By Ch Lughaidh of Albion out of Saoirse of Albion.
(11 days)
Dark Mirage Spin Me Round (Bitch) Belgian Tervuren

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 88.8 (#38)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 11/15/2004
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 2/16/2020

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"Chat Feature?"
10 replies | 2/15/2020

"What is with this judge??"
8 replies | 1/21/2020

Upcomming Litters
GCH CH Dark Mirage Alva
Due 2/18/2020 to Dark Mirage FarNAway
Dark Mirage Baikal Rose
Due 2/18/2020 to Taymyr Highland Gift