Dark River

In the process of creating a kennel banner and what not.

I do NOT sell to basics that do not have active gameplay records.

I am not against working with basic account users as I have great experience with one who has done incredibly well showing my dogs! Thank you NEWME!!!


Some dogs may be priced higher due to quality and time spent working on these lines.


My studs may be priced higher due to the quality and time I have put to get these lines where they are. This also includes performance as well as progeny produced.

-Collies of mention-

My first GOLD GCH/Bronze Merit in this game the entire time playing [2004-current] is Phantasm’s Smooth As Silk. - Phantasm was my original Collie Kennel.

My second Gold GCH Silver Sire Merit -GCH BRKs Battle Royale

Bronze GcH BRKs Holmgang silver sire merit, can be found in all current Collie pedigrees if you go back a few generations.

Silver GcH BRKs For Whom The Bell Tolls UD.

Silver GCH Newme No Dark Side UD Bred by me and exceptionally shown by Newme!

Silver Dam of Merit Phantasm`s Satin N Silk

Dark River, •·BRKDRs·•, are owned by Black Raven Kennels, hence BRKDR as the affix. This kennel's primary breed is the Collie. I have moved the Shelties. Shadows Realm is my kennel I do have some Collies in.

CH BRKDRs Shadow Mist Bearded Collie
GCH CH BRKDRs Twilight Shadows (23) Bearded Collie
CH BRKDRs Beautiful Afterlife (9.9 feet) Collie
GCH CH BRKDRs Galadriel Collie
CH BRKDRs Rio (10fq 10hq) Collie
BRKDRs Devil`s Night Collie
BRKDRs JÄGERMEISTER (10f 10bottom) Collie
BRKDRs League of Her Own Collie
BRKDRs No.18469244 (10.1fq 10.hq) Collie
BRKDRs No.18549556 10FQ10HQ Collie
BRKDRs No.18582324 (10f) Collie
BRKDRs Smóóth Móve Collie
New Puppy #2 Collie
New Puppy #5 Collie

GCH CH BRKDRs Blue Shadows Bearded Collie
CH BRKDRs Lost Soul Bearded Collie
GCH CH UDBRKDRs Val (BOB68Biss6BIG2OBD) Border Collie
GCH CH BRKDRs Ecto-1 (10 bottom ) Collie
GCH CH BRKDRs Naraku Collie
A T K Trailblazer Bearded Collie
BRKDRs After Hours Bearded Collie
BRKDRs Afterlife King Collie
BRKDRs No.18506098 10 fqhq (10 fq 10 hq) Collie
BRKDRs No.18511344 10FqHq (10fq 10hq 11/18) Collie
BRKDRs No.18539337 (10hq) Collie
BRKDRs No.18556193 Collie
BRKDRs No.18572487 Collie
BRKDRs No.18582319 (10f) Collie
BRKDRs No.18585675 (10f) Collie
BRKDRs No.18587257 Collie
BRKDRs No.18594761 10FqHq Collie
BRKDRs Sizzle (99.85) Collie
New Puppy #3 (10hq 10fq) Collie
New Puppy #5 (10f) Collie

By Ch BRKDRs No.18530144 out of Ch BRKDRs E V P.
(2 days)
BRKDRs Elvira (10fqhq 9.9f) (Bitch) Collie
By Ch BRKDRs Ecto-1 out of BRKDRs No.18530133.
(2 days)
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Collie
By Ch BRKDRs No.18530144 out of BRKDRs No.18549556 10FQ10HQ.
(2 days)
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Collie

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GCH CH BRKDRs Twilight Shadows
Due 12/3/2023 to SNK Biker
CH BRKDRs Shadow Mist
Due 12/3/2023 to SNK Biker