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We are the #1 Tibetan Mastiff kennel on Showdog! We've been on and off of the breed since we first started in 2006. After coming back from a few year hiatus, it's good to be back to where we left off!

-Our puppy SOPs are typically ranging in the 95s and 96s, with solid shades of dark blues in all traits.
-The Unbreakable siblings were the #1 and #2 September 2017 and October 2017 top Tibetan Mastiffs on Showdog. Bonnie Didi and Unbreakable JR, we couldn't be more proud of!
-Yukon, son of Unbreakable JR, was the #1 Tibetan Mastiff of November and December 2017.

Thanks to...
-Courtney @ Running Wild Kennel for allowing me to experience an upgraded kennel back when I first started.
-Colleen for being my inspiration when it comes to graphics. You will never be forgotten. <3

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