Drake Creek Meadows

Incredible Art by: Reina

Currently #1 in Malamutes and #2 overall

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“ “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ”? Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello and Welcome to Drake Creek Meadows! I’m specializing in Alaskan malamutes and Siberian huskies, the champions of the arctic. Feel free to have a look around or drop me a message, because I love to chat. ^^

Drake Creek is located in Arizonan mountains, cascading and cutting its way through the rocks on my property, this kennel is of course named after that creek which is named after my family. The valley may be no meadow, but meadows represent vast expanses and that describes perfectly; Arizona. I thought the creek was a perfect name, because creeks represent determination and direction, for they’re always moving ahead, cutting the way right through anything standing in their path. What a fitting name for such dignified breeds.

Malamutes and Huskies are my favorite breeds, because they yet remain closest to their roots. Like the wolves; dogs full of spirit, dogs still patterned with a glint of the untamed wilderness, dogs whom are ever sharp and always determined, dogs whom are iron in spirit and grace, and dogs whom are loyal to the very end.

Of course you know the other part – Drake means dragon; creatures of myth, what legends are made of, beautiful and often misunderstood, but truly proud and wholly indomitable according to Mythology. Yet another befitting name for what these dogs represent to me.

The last is that these dogs aren’t so hasty to bend to the will of man like so many others, trust must be built, dominance established and a friendship carved. I have nothing but respect for these proud beasts; they are second only to wolves and wolf hybrids, their cousins.

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Kennel Policy:

Most dogs are sold without approval and remain on sale for at least a week before they are FHed. If a dog is on approval it is because I expect it to be finished or I won’t sell.

I ask that if you want to FH or sell my dogs for any reason you message me first, I may want to buy the dog back, but obviously I don't require anyone to do so.

All Malamute puppies under 95.5% SOP will be Forever Homed. (Unless kept for breeding)

I do not breed many litters, but when I do, the puppies I sell should be finishable and I ask that if you buy a dog from me that you do your best to try and finish them, but I don't mind if you don't; I mean once you buy the dog it's yours so just think of it as a courtesy request and nothing more. I also occasionally sell sessioned adult dogs for those who are interested.

I keep the prices reasonable as well, so everyone who wants to participate in these select breeds can.


Any color 95.5%-95.9% sop = $100
Any sable, blue or blue sable 95.85% or above sop = $150
Any dog or bitch at or above 95.95% sop= $150 and above
(Note: I won’t sell dogs I deem to not be finish able)

Malamute litters are settling regularly here, puppies chosen to be sold are chosen based on a number of criteria. Some are selected to be brood and are likely to produce well, but may not show well. The rest are completely finishable and that is guaranteed.

^These charts are subject to change at any time. Adult dogs prices may vary from the prices shown above or at times be sold for a discount wink ;).

Remember, I only sell dogs I know can be finished, because I only sell dogs that (if I had the space and sessions) I would otherwise keep for myself wink ;)

Other than that I ask that my dogs not be placed on Old Boy, but as usual I don't actually try to enforce this.

All of the boys here at DCM go up for stud as soon as they are 30 days, and are valued by line, previous offspring quality, and wins. A stud dog by me will usually display higher marks in both Sop and Generic than what has become standard in the breed. *prices for colored studs are measured additionally by color and sop*

Breeder of 536 champions and 62 Grand Champions! Premium kennel since: May, 2006-2012 back from hiatus since Nov 2014

Achieved Silver Sire!
He no longer holds the record for most BIS wins by a malamute in the history of SD. His great-grand daughter has broken his record with a grand total of 23 BIS wins!

Also Achieved Bronze Sire happy :)

2006-2008, Achieved Bronze Dam award, produced 8 champions including Ch Drakes Take the World by Storm

Multiple BISS/group winner/ Multi-show/group placer/specialty placer/ #48 All time top malamute
Ch Drakes Finding Eden
Multiple BISS/group winner/Multiple show/group/specialty placer/ #65 All time top malamute
Ch Drakes The End of All Things
Multi-BISS/group winner/M-show/group placer/SS placer/ #80 All time top malamute
Drakes Game Master
Multi-BISS/M-show/group placer/SS placer/ was the first mal to go BIS post reset

Ch Drakes Requiem For a Dream
23!XBIS winner/Multiple NBISS/BISS winner/Multiple Group winner/Multiple Show/group/specialty placer/Silver Dam!/ BIS record holder!
Ch Drakes Radical Dreamer
11XBIS winner/Multiple NBISS/BISS winner/Multi-show placing/Group winning/Group placing/Gold Dam!
GCH Ch Drakes Element of Surprise
7XBIS/BISS winner/Multiple NBISS wins/Multiple Show/Group/speacilty placer/Bronze Sire/ 426 GCH points
Ch Drakes Once In a Lifetime
12XBIS/BISS winner/NBISS win/Multiple group winner/Multiple show/group/specialty placer/Bronze Sire
Ch Drakes Times Tenacious Tempest
6XBIS/Multiple BISS winner/Multiple show/group placer/specialty placer/NBISS win/Silver Dam!
Ch Drakes Storm Chaser
Multi-BIS/Multi-BISS winner Multi-show/Specialty placement/multiple group placer/Bronze Sire
GCH Ch Drakes Magnum Force
Multiple BIS winner/Multiple BISS winner/Multiple Show/group/specialty placer/Bronze Sire
Ch Drakes Born To Be Wild
Multiple BISS winner/NBISS/Show placer/Multiple group/Specialty placer-limited showing
Ch Drakes Storm at Time`s End
Mulit-BIS winner/BISS win/multiple show placer/Multiple Group/SS placer/Bronze Dam
GCH Ch Drakes Hot Shot - Golden Retriever
multi-7X BIS/BISS winner/Multiple NBISS wins/Multiple Show/Group/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Outside The Box
Multiple BISS winner/NBISS win/Multi group wins/ Multi-group/Show/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Don`t Stop Believing
4XBIS Multiple show placer/Specialty placement/multiple group placer/Bronze Dam
Ch Drakes Free Radical
Multiple BISS winner/NBISS win/Group winner/Multiple group/show/specialty placer
GCH Ch Drakes Aerial Combat
6X Multiple BIS/Multi BISS winner/NBISS win/Multiple Show/group/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Edge of Eternity
Multiple BIS/BISS winner/Multi-Group winner/ Multi-Show/Group/specialty placer
GCH Ch Drakes Fearless Renegade
Multiple BIS winner/BISS win/Multiple specialty/show/group placer/Bronze Sire
Ch Drakes One In A Million
Multiple BIS wins/Multiple Group wins/ Multiple Show/specialty/group placer
GCH Ch Drakes Driving Force
BIS win/Multiple BISS/NBISS win/ Multiple Show/group/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Holy Tempest
5XBIS/BISS win/Group Winner/Multiple Show/Group/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Walk of Life
BIS win/Multiple Group winner/Multiple group/show/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Whatever Will Be, Will Be
BIS/BISS win/Multiple show placer/multiple Group/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Song of Siberia
4XBISwins/BISS win/Multiple Show/group placer/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Edge of Reason
Multiple BIS winner/Group winner/Multiple group/specialty placer
GCH Ch Lyllias Encore
BIS/Multiple BISS winner/Multiple Show/group/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Eternal Oath
Multiple BIS/group wins/multiple-SS placer/show/group placer
GCH Ch Drakes Conspiracy Theory – German Shepherd
BIS/BISS win/Multiple Group winner/Multiple show/group placer
GCH Ch Drakes Vernal Equinox
Multiple BIS winner/Multiple Show/group/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Tomorrow Can Wait
BISS win/multiple show placer/Multiple Group/SS placer
GCH Ch Drakes Wreaking Havoc
Multiple group/show/Specialty placer- DCMs first GCH
Ch Drakes The Rubix Equation
Multiple BIS wins/Multiple group/show/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Roundabout Way
8XBIS winner/Multiple Show/Group/Speacilty placer
GCH Ch Drakes Unstoppable Force
3X BIS winner/Multiple Show/group/specialty placer
GCH Ch Drakes Born of Ice
Multiple BIS winner/BISS win/group winner/placer
Ch Drakes Honest Wish
8XBIS winner/Multi-show/group/specialty placer
Ch Drakes Rebel Yell
Multiple BIS winner/Multiple group/show placer

Silver Dam!

GCH Ch Drakes Secret to Success (95.5%/20 Hf**G*CS)
5XBIS/NBISS win/Multi BISS winner/placer/SDWC 4th in show/4th in Group /Multi- show Placer/Multi-Group winner/placer- #2 mal GCH points
GCH Ch Drakes Oracle Sea [95.7%/20 H*f*Gt*C*S]
BIS win/NBISS win/Multi BISS winner/placer/Multi-show Placer/Multi-Group winner/placer- #1 malamute GCH points/#53 all time malamute/25th all dogs GCH points
GCH CH HWK Arctic River (95.3%/20 HGCSF)
X2 BIS wins/ Multiple Group winner/Multiple show/Group placer - #8 mal GCH points
Bred and championed by Howling Wolves Kennels- Campaigned by me
GCH Ch HWK Road to Revelation (95.4(95.6 H*f*GST*F)
Multiple Specialty placer/Show placer/Multiple Group Placer/Bronze Sire – Limited showing
Bred by Howling Wolves Kennels
GCH Ch Drakes Red Essence (94.45(95.5 H*GC*S**)
BIS win/Multi group winner/Multi show/Group Placer- limited showing
GCH Ch Drakes Art of Balance [95.55%/20 HGC*S*F]
BIS win/Multiple specialty placer/Multi-show Placer/Group winner/placer
GCH Ch Drakes High Rock Spires [95.65%/20 H*G*C*SF]
BISS win/ Multi specialty placer/Multi-show Placer- limited showing
GCH Ch Drakes Shifting Tides (95.4/20 H*GS*T*F)
Multiple show Placer/Multiple Group winner/placer

Other dogs I've finished:

GCH CH Willowcreek Legacy [93.9/20biblu]
Multi NBISS winner/SDWC 2nd in group/Group winner/Multiple Group Placer/ #1 sheltie in GCH points
GCH Ch HWK Road to Revelation (95.4(95.6 H*f*GST*F)
Multiple Specialty placer/Show placer/Multiple Group Placer/Bronze Sire – Limited showing
GCH Ch BlackFrosts BRK Nightrunner
Multiple Show/Group Placer
CH Crestviews Jovey [Crestviews Jovey] )- Golden Retriever
Multiple Group Placer
GCH CH Willowcreek Chill Factor (93.6/20blu)
Multiple Group winner/Multiple group Placer/Specialty placer )- Shetland Sheepdog
CH HWK Tip of the Iceberg (95.05%/20 Hf*CS)
CH HWK High Road (95.05%/20 HfC*S**T*)
CH HWK Even Steven (95.15%/20 Hf*G*CS*)
Ch Drakes Tactical Advantage (99.7/88.3)- German shepherd
Ch GoldRivers One Hot Ticket (99.9/90.25)-Golden Retriever
Multiple BIS wins/BISS win/Multiple Show/Group/specialty placer
Ch Norbu DArtagnan (99.1)-Lhasa Apso
Norbu Taglha (99)-Lhasa Apso
Ch NLS Took Me By Surprise (99.2/20ss slvr/wht)
Ch AMLs Sultans Wave
Ch Galaxy Rocco (98.4) – Neapolitan Mastiff
Ch TC Spoof (98.75) – Belgian Malinois
Ch Ava Dreaming of You – German shepherd
Ch ~LJS~ Blue Skye-German Shepherd
Ch HWK All In Good Time (98.9teg9-20)
Ch SnowShow Tornado Alley (98.7)
Ch HWK Northern Trail (98.4 fs)
Ch BlackBirds Prime Suspect (97.9 20ss Show/Obed.)
Ch HWK Autumn Moon (97.8 fs)
Ch HWK Hidden Potential (96.6/20ss bal)
Ch GHaven Ice Star (94.4%/20ss)
Ch NLS Touch Of Class (96.5)
Ch Anodynes At Fates Door (96.5/95 10HGST20S)
Ch NLS Living The Dream (95.5/20 drake)
Ch Miyaca Musical Notes (94/20ss 93G)
Ch Lynbir Del Mar Storm (93/20 92G)
Ch WR Ishta (95/20 93G)
Ch Zafirah Sail On (93.5/20ss 92G)
Ch Stellars Medicine Man (94.5%/20ss 93G)
Ch Howls Newt (93.5/20/ 92G)
Ch HiddenCreeks Galen Green (88.5%/20 88.5G)Weimaraner
Ch WR Burned At The Stake (91.5/20(90)B)
Ch Arctics Mystical Night Away (87% 20ss)
Ch WR Deja Vu At Midnight (Show 84.5/86.5 17ss)
Ch Arctic Winds Riot (88%/12 Ch UD)
Ch Despites Dark Magic ((81%SW/14ss)) Manchester Terrier
Ch Halimedas Nathaniel ( 73.37) Pointer

Dogs in the Show Ring now:

GCH Ch Drakes Greater Heights [95.95%/20HG*C*ST**F*]
X2 BIS winner/BISS win/multiple specialty placer/Multiple show Placer/group winner
GCH Ch Drakes Shatter Reality bySpyte [95.3%/20 HGt*C*ST*F]
NBISS win/ multiple BISS winner/Specialty placer/Multiple Show Placer/group winner/Multiple Group placer
GCH Ch Drakes Introspection [97.35%/20 fhtCSTF*]
Multiple show Placer/Multiple Group winner/placer
GCH CH Willowcreek Road To Rio [94.5/20sbl]
Group winner/Multiple Group placer
GCH Ch Drakes Solar Polaris [95.65%/20f**h*GtCST*]
Show placer/Group winner/ Group placer
GCH Ch Drakes Masked Vigilante [97.4%/20 Hfht*CSTF]
Show placer/specialty placer
CH Drakes Icy Conditions Ahead [95.15%(95.9Hf*G*tC*S]
Ch Drakes Stellar Prognostication [95.55(95.75Hf**C*S*T]
Group winner
Ch Drakes Euphoric Delirium [95.15(96.15H*GC*S*T*]
Ch Drakes Echos at Midnight [95.8%/20ss Hf*GtC*ST]
Ch Drakes Undying Love [95.95%/20 HGt**C*S*T]
CH Drakes Ågainst the Wind [95.8%/20 HhGt**C*ST]
CH Drakes Seventh Heaven [96.1%/20 H*GCS*T*F]
Drakes Flashy Dancer [95.8%/20 Hf*hCS*TF*]
Drakes Over the Moon [95.95(96.4H*C*S*T*F*]
DenKees Broken Star [95.35%/20 f**h*GCSTF]
Drakes Radiant Dreamer [95.55(95.95Hf*hS*T*F]
Drakes Weathering the Storm [95.7%/20 Hf**C*ST*F]
Drakes Unmasking the Hero [97.5%/20H*f*GtC*S*TF]
Drakes Drifting Away [95.6%/20 Hf**Gt*C*S]
Drakes Moon Glade [95.45(96 h*G*t*CSTF*]

Dogs coming to the Show Ring soon:

Drakes Twilight Hollow [95.9%/20 Hf*hGtS*T]
Drakes Spectra [95.85%/20 H*GCST*F]
Drakes Solar Prominence [96%/20f**h**Gt**C*T*]
Drakes Continuum [95.9%/20h*G*t*C**TF*]
Drakes Star Stream [95.9%/20 Hf*h*GS*T*]
Drakes Star Breaker [95.6(96.05h**t**T**F]
Drakes Radiant Oracle [95.85%/20 Hf*hGST*F]
Drakes Dreamweaver [96%/20 Hf*GC*S*T*F]
Drakes Tourmaline [95.8%/20 Hh*G*CSTF]
Drakes Lightning Spires [95.5(95.8Hf*h*t*CSTF]
Drakes Roads Untraveled [95.65%/20 HfC*SF*]
Drakes Parhelia [95.45(96.15h*tC*T*F*]

Thanks to everyone who has sold me dogs ^^

BIG Thanks to:
Daybreak Handler for finishing: Ch Drakes Cross the Meadow (92%20ss 91G)!, Wraith Kennel for finishing: Ch Drakes Storm at Fkudoc (94.5/93), Howling Wolves Kennels for finishing: Ch Drakes Tabidachi, Dancing Coyote for finishing: Ch Drakes The Best of Time, Greenhaven for finishing: Drakes Salvation in Gaming, Greenhaven for finishing: Drakes Endless Sunshine, Tilted Halo Setters for finishing: Drakes Master of Fortune, Curmudgeon for finishing: Drakes The Secret Door, Snow Drift Farm for finishing: Drakes Worth While, Greenhaven for finishing: Drakes Derris-Kharlan, Tilted Halo Setters for finishing: Drakes Death of the Forest, Greenhaven for finishing: Drakes Sylverant, WhataKennel for finishing: Drakes Effortless Honor, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Storm over Paradise, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Daring to Shine, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Brighter Tomorrow, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Sharing the Path, In A Reverie for finishing: Drakes Altessa, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Shining Over the Limit, Dreams of Darkness for finishing, Drakes Stone Dais, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drake Bright Storm, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Balacruf Dynasty, In A Reverie for finishing: Drakes Spiritua, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Test the Limit, Red Ink Kennels for finishing: Drakes Shining Like a Star, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Phenomenon, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Cruxis Crystal, Red Ink Kennels for finishing: Drakes The Sylph, Dreams of Darkness for finishing: Drakes Bright Future, Lynbir1 for finishing: Drakes Heimdall, WolfStar Kennels for finishing: Drakes Forbidden Temptation, Hollyhurst Kennels for finishing Drakes Pieces of a Millennium, All 4 My Paws for finishing Drakes Not Soon Forgotten, Wicked Beauty for finishing Drakes Light to Counter Blight, Wicked Beauty for finishing Drakes Only A Memory, Trojan Kennels for finishing Drakes Its More Than A Feeling, PistonPower for finishing Drakes After All This Time, levkova for finishing Drakes Tears for the Moon, Crazy Eights for finishing Drakes A Brighter Tomorrow, Jeanie in a bottle for finishing Drakes Tomorrow Never Dies, Shivers and Ghosts for finishing Drakes Celestial Guidance , Gwendolyn Kennels for finishing Drakes The Voice of Fire, All 4 My Paws* for finishing Drakes Prophecy Of Destruction, All 4 My Paws* for finishing Drakes Visions of the Future, midnight stoodie for finishing Drakes Dont Let Go, Claws n Paws for finishing Drakes I`ll Wait for You, Kaldhund for finishing Drakes Prodigy for Kaldhund, SS Tuff Dog for finishing Ch Drakes My Immortal, High Five Kennels for finishing: Drakes Twister of Time, Shortline Kennels for finishing Drakes Edge of The Blade/, Midnight Sophie for finishing Drakes Mystical Moment, Edpra for finishing Drakes Killing Time, Edpra for finishing Drakes Final Destination, American Sled Dogs for finishing Drakes Day Dreaming Boy, High Five Kennels for finishing Drakes NightFire, Aussierun2 for finishing Drakes Futures Not Ours to See, Snow Days Kennels for finishing Drakes Arabian Nights, l4glaske for finishing Drakes What A Rush, Colored Lakelands for finishing Drakes Alternate Truth, High Five Kennels for finishing Drakes Surprise!, Makavelis for finishing Drakes Dreams Abound, k10rulz for finishing Drakes Once Upon a Time, Icekist for finishing Drakes Boundary Between Dreams, Finale for finishing At Last My DreamsComeTrue, Icekist for finishing Drakes Everlasting Reverie, Finale for finishing Drakes Dreams Long Past, Phelonie for finishing Drakes Castle in the Sky, Finale for finishing Drakes Waiting On A Dream, Mariposa Kennel for finishing Drakes Once in a Dream, Phelonie for finishing Drakes Wildly Outspoken, k10rulz for finishing Drakes True to Life, Welsh Corgi Kennels for finishing Drakes True Dreaming, Xentra for finishing Drakes A Riddle for Xentra, Harry Tries for finishing Drakes Riddle of the Sun, Asian Pride for finishing Drakes Winter`s Grip, Genesis Kennels for finishing Drakes Radical Winter, BlackFireKnls for finishing Blk Fires Radical Sun, Awelana for finishing Awelana`s Time Goes With Drake, Welsh Corgi Kennels for finishing Drakes Unreasonable, Zappo Zoo for finishing Drakes Paws For The Cause, Hannaholic for finishing Drakes Edge of Devastation, delti for finishing Drakes Chaos Theory, Denver Kennel for finishing Drakes Mind`s Eye, Denver Kennel for finishing Drakes Change of Heart, Western Coast Kennels for finishing Drakes Dream Walker, Broken Ridge for finishing Broken Dream Catcher, Welsh Corgi Kennels for finishing Drakes Hypnotic Trance, Elysians for finishing Elysians Fun At Drake Creek, Equador for finishing Trípping on Rainbows, Selma Kennel for finishing Drakes Living The Dream, Seaspray for finishing Seaspray Storyteller, midnight stoodie for finishing Drakes Unavoidable Outcome, Howling Wolves Kennels for finishing Welcome Back, Howling Wolves Kennels for finishing Hypnotic Element, Asian Pride for finishing Daring Revolutionary, Sweet Peas for finishing Bright Beginning, midnight stoodie for finishing Shameless insurrection, Harry Tries for finishing Intrepid Uprising, Howling Wolves Kennels for finishing Drakes Fearless, Shimmering Star Kennel for finishing Spark of Life , maplevalleykennel for finishing MVKs Drakes Gift, Ashanx for finishing The Spirit of Adventure, Howling Wolves Kennels for finishing Sudden Impact and for finishing his grand championship, Redwood Kennel for finishing RKs Call of the Wanderer, Howling Wolves Kennels for finishing Drakes Rules Of Engagement, Howling Wolves Kennels for finishing Drakes Winter Dance, Everdale Goldens for finishing Defying Rancor and for finishing her Grand Championship, Redwood Kennel for finishing RK Is This Really Me, Valley Sun Kennel for finishing VSK Force Rebellion, Furys for finishing Ice Lightning at Furys, Everdale Goldens for finishing Drakes Life Force, Valley Sun Kennel for finishing CK Impacted Spirit, Redwood Kennel for finishing RKs A Journey`s End, diamond dust for finishing Frosty Winter, Redwood Kennel for finishing RKs Dragonfire, CS Astronomical for finishing Drakes Head to Toe, CS Astronomical for finishing Drakes Luck Dragon, Howling Wolves Kennels for finishing Drakes Arctic Blue, Rosa Nera for finishing Drakes Lost Boy At Rosa Nera, CountryStrong Kennels for finishing ShowCavs Revelation from Drake, Keaira for finishing Drakes Tikaani at Keaira, Sagerwood for finishing Vivente Man Of Mystery, Azalea Hill for finishing Drakes Burn It Down, Azalea Hill for finishing Drakes Frozen Asset, panmacs for finishing Drakes High Five, and Skandal for finishing Drakes Hera at CountryStrong

Thanks to everyone who has made me banners and PP's!

Thanks to the SD Fever for this honor. ^^

Sited: The animated gifs on this page are from: princessedesanes.free.fr/gifs/yoshimario/yoshisisland/, www.themushroomkingdom.net, www.sitevip.net/gifs/dragon/ , and www.heathersanimations.com

The dividers on this page were made by Reina; thanks Reina. happy :)

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Thanks for visiting, check back soon! happy :)

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