Dustmop Kennels

CH Dustmops Clean Sweep (97.05) Brussels Griffon
CH Dustmops Star of Phoenix (97.30/20 ENTER) Brussels Griffon
GCH CH Roymars Royal Harmony (OBED sessions) Brussels Griffon
GCH CH Dustmops Salt n Pepper (98.20/20) Papillon
GCH CH BSG Black Pearl at Dustmops (97.25 ) Pug
CH Dustmops Black Cocktail Dress (97.10 ENTER) Pug
GCH CH Integras Black Button ( retire aft National) Pug
Dustmops All or Nothing (brood fh al) Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Clear Vision (97.0/20) Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Rider on the Wind Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Tumble Weed Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Visionquest (96.60/20) Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Hidden Gemstone Papillon
New Puppy #1 (97.90 /20) Papillon
New Puppy #2 Papillon
Milos Dressed for the Prom (96.55 FAWN) Pug
Milos Newwave at Dustmops (97.10 session) Pug

GCH CH Dustmops Midnight Bourbon (97.0/20!!) Brussels Griffon
CH Dustmops Country Boy Papillon
CH Dustmops Recipe 4 Springtime (98.0/20 ) Papillon
CH Dustmops Buttoned Down Tie (97.25 ENTER) Pug
Dustmops Black Knight (97.10 ENTER) Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Day Tripper Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Red Rider (96.65 keep Tommy) Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Trip Down Memory lane Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Undecided Future (97.20 sell?) Brussels Griffon
SiRR Change Maker (97/50/20 B 7/22) Brussels Griffon
Dustmops Laughter and Tears (97.90 /20) Papillon
Dustmops Integral Part (97.30/20 Show) Pug
Dustmops Pearl Tie Tack (ENTER NEXT) Pug
New Puppy #1 Pug

By SiRR Oddly Blazin out of Dustmops Tattered Lace.
(6 days)
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Brussels Griffon
New Puppy #1 (97.30/20 SESSION PUP) (Bitch) Brussels Griffon
By Ch Dustmops Midnight Bourbon out of Ch Roymars Royal Harmony.
(6 days)
New Puppy #7 (97.15/20) (Bitch) Brussels Griffon
New Puppy #6 (96.70/20 sell) (Bitch) Brussels Griffon
New Puppy #5 (Dog) Brussels Griffon
New Puppy #3 (97.0/20) (Dog) Brussels Griffon
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Brussels Griffon

Retirement Couch
CH Dustmops Edged in Lace (96.25 Lacie) Brussels Griffon
GCH CH Dustmops Legally Blonde (96.30 ) Brussels Griffon
GCH CH Dustmops Permanent Vacation (96.20) Brussels Griffon
GCH CH HAVOK Holiday (Bronze Dam) Brussels Griffon
GCH CH HAVOK Phoenix Flower (97/20) Brussels Griffon
GCH CH SiRR Stollen Rock (Rocky) Brussels Griffon
GCH CH BarStar LetTheSunShineOnMe (*****) Papillon
GCH CH Dustmops Biscuit Agent (97.70/20) Papillon
GCH CH Dustmops Choice Morsel (97.80 ) Papillon
GCH CH Dustmops Cold Sunshine (98.05/20) Papillon
CH Dustmops Complex Choices (97.70/20) Papillon
GCH CH Dustmops Couch Surfer (97.70/20) Papillon
CH Dustmops Domino Effect (97.65/20 ) Papillon
GCH CH Dustmops Good Witch (97.40 done retire) Papillon
GCH CH Dustmops March Lamb (97.55 ) Papillon
CH Dustmops Prairie Princess (Done/brood) Papillon
CH Dustmops Windy City Gal (Chicago) Papillon
GCH CH CDDustmops Clay Statue (97.00) Pug
General Info
Prestige: 64.5 (#179)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 7/12/2007
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 7/31/2021

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