Dustmop Kennels


Working on having a Home bred Champion in each.
Breeds done so far ( In Alphabetical Order):

Brussels Griffon, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua, Havanese Italian Greyhound, Papillon,
Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle,
Yorkshire Terrier.
I usually have 3 breeds going at a time and stick with them for a while before moving on
Ch. breeding stock and puppies are usually available.


CH TGKs Prehistoric Vintage (92.85/20 ) Affenpinscher
GCH CH Dustmops Ridiculous at Best (97.70 ALIBI) Chihuahua
CH Dustmops Sound the Alarm (97.60/20 JURY) Chihuahua
GCH CH DMs Cookies and Kreme (94.25/20 ) Havanese
GCH CH Dustmops Cookie Lover (94.70/20 GCH) Havanese
CH Dustmops Pile of Cookie Crumbs (94.35/20 ) Havanese
CH CDDustmops London Tea (97.30 done BREED) Toy Poodle
Dustmops Impressive Moves (97.50/20 LH Red) Chihuahua
Dustmops Lady in Red (96.55/20 ) Chihuahua
Dustmops Little Alarm Clock (breed 1x Colour) Chihuahua
Dustmops Spot on the Beach (breed 1x Colour) Papillon
Dustmops Lemon Peel (99.35/20 SHOW) Papillon
Dustmops Fruit Tart Toy Poodle

CH Dustmops Best Electric Energy (2nd in Group BISS) Chihuahua
GCH CH Dustmops Impressive Defense (97.20/20 LH Blue) Chihuahua
CH Dustmops Off the Grid (97.40 do entries) Chihuahua
GCH CH Dustmops Copy Cat (94.30 Show STUD) Havanese
CH Dustmops Foreign Creature (99.30 DONE stud dog) Papillon
CH Vintage Cromwell (99.60/20 ) Papillon
Dustmops George of the Jungle (92.75/20 session) Affenpinscher
Dustmops Fire Alarm (97.40/19.9 Show) Chihuahua
Dustmops Impressive Little Man (LHR carries smooth?) Chihuahua
Dustmops Pie in the Face (99.50/20 session) Papillon
New Puppy #1 (97.25/20 keep color) Toy Poodle

By Parhelion Move Your Body out of Dustmops Impressive in Red.
(6 days)
Dustmops Body Double (carries fawn?) (Dog) Chihuahua
By Ch Dustmops Impressive Defense out of Ch Dustmops Ridiculous at Best.
(6 days)
New Puppy #2 (97.70/20 Session) (Bitch) Chihuahua

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Eclipse Princess Diana (92.15/20.0) Affenpinscher
GCH CH Stratego Best Defense (BRONZE brood) Chihuahua
CH Dustmops Little Monster (97.90/20 ) Pug
GCH CH Dustmops Reason to Believe Pug
GCH CH Dustmops Apricot Strudel (97.25/20 ) Toy Poodle
CH Dustmops May Bridesmaid (96.80/20) Toy Poodle
General Info
Prestige: 72.6 (#136)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 7/12/2007
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 5/22/2024

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Upcomming Litters
CH TGKs Prehistoric Vintage
Due 5/23/2024 to Vintage Red Owl
CH Dustmops Pile of Cookie Crumbs
Due 5/23/2024 to DMs Fundays In Florida
Dustmops Spot on the Beach
Due 5/23/2024 to Dustmops Foreign Creature
Dustmops Little Alarm Clock
Due 5/26/2024 to Fenians Micah