EV Alsace Afghan Hound
EV Bobbinsaa Afghan Hound
EV Bordeaux Afghan Hound
EV Calais Afghan Hound
EV Vannes Afghan Hound
EV Bonni Caucasian Mountain Dog
EV Cleartea Caucasian Mountain Dog
EV Polar Lady Caucasian Mountain Dog
EV Stripy Sue (BISS) Caucasian Mountain Dog
EV Crazy Cupcake Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Fairweather Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Glittery Glow Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Green Garden Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Peak Practice Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Summit Bound Estrela Mountain Dog
EV GP Snofloof (BISS) Great Pyrenees
EV Snowitt Great Pyrenees
EV Snowpine Great Pyrenees
EV Snowpp Great Pyrenees
EV Snowzzzz Great Pyrenees
EV StartSnow Great Pyrenees
EV SupaSnow Great Pyrenees
New Puppy #7 Great Pyrenees
New Puppy #7 Great Pyrenees

EV Cauclear Caucasian Mountain Dog
EV Denali Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Dr Dre Estrela Mountain Dog
EV High Hoper (BISS) Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Magic Mountain Estrela Mountain Dog
EV GP SnoWnald Great Pyrenees
EV GP Ssnowplain Great Pyrenees
EV Snowaaa Great Pyrenees
EV Snowblazes Great Pyrenees
EV Snowboy Great Pyrenees
New Puppy #8 Great Pyrenees
Whitey at EV (hd 55.2) Great Pyrenees

By Malou Niko out of EV Climbing High.
(3 days)
EV High Climb (Dog) Estrela Mountain Dog
By Malou Conjurer out of EV Glittery Glow.
(3 days)
EV Debbie M (Bitch) Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Paul D (Dog) Estrela Mountain Dog
By Malou Dice out of EV Summit Bound.
(3 days)
EV Carlow (Bitch) Estrela Mountain Dog
EV Dublin (Dog) Estrela Mountain Dog
By Ch Saikyo Speaking Celtic out of EV Stripy Sue.
(5 days)
EV F (Bitch) Caucasian Mountain Dog
By Silver Cloud Horace out of EV GP Snowtilda.
(6 days)
EV Snowslot (Dog) Great Pyrenees

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 36.4 (#358)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 4/1/2020
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 7/29/2021
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