CH BSG Golden Friend Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Secret Clouds (Ellenvees) Finnish Spitz
CH BSG Secret Valley (Ellenvees) Finnish Spitz
EV Pippla Alaskan Malamute
EV Rice Sox Alaskan Malamute
EV Ricklai Alaskan Malamute
EV Seabird Alaskan Malamute
EV Sparkli Sox Alaskan Malamute
EV Spiffy Blend Alaskan Malamute
EV Spiffy Sox Alaskan Malamute
BSG Crucial Expression (96.2ss20) Finnish Spitz
EV Crux Of the Matter Finnish Spitz
EV Flaty Finnish Spitz
EV Golden Pal Finnish Spitz
EV Ittsaa Finnish Spitz
EV Slingaa Finnish Spitz
EV Teslaa Finnish Spitz
EV Yikey Finnish Spitz

CH BSG Prideful Expression (Ellenvees) Finnish Spitz
EV Lord Sparks Alaskan Malamute
EV Chiio Finnish Spitz
EV Puspao Finnish Spitz
EV Soolop Finnish Spitz
EV Sprollie Finnish Spitz
EV Testo Finnish Spitz
EV Yoop Finnish Spitz

By EV Sprollie out of Ch BSG Secret Clouds.
(4 days)
EV Gyta (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
By FHC Phantoms BarnStormer out of EV Sparkli Sox.
(4 days)
EV Ambridge (Bitch) Alaskan Malamute
EV Penny Hassett (Dog) Alaskan Malamute
By Ch Shotput Something New out of EV Spiffy Sox.
(4 days)
EV Borsetshire Blue (Dog) Alaskan Malamute
By Ch BSG Delicious Secret out of Ch BSG Golden Friend.
(10 days)
EV Bright Smile (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
By Ch BSG Delicious Secret out of BSG Crucial Expression.
(10 days)
EV Big Squire (Dog) Finnish Spitz
By Ch BSG Delicious Secret out of EV Flaty.
(10 days)
EV Flat Rate (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
By EV Soolop out of EV Ittsaa.
(10 days)
EV Boisonite (Dog) Finnish Spitz
EV Soirasa (Bitch) Finnish Spitz
By EV Chiio out of EV Yikey.
(10 days)
EV Harperiy (Dog) Finnish Spitz
EV Chinoiy (Bitch) Finnish Spitz

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EV Rice Sox
Due 12/9/2021 to Shotput Something New
EV Ricklai
Due 12/9/2021 to Phantasm`s Hocus Pocus
EV Spiffy Blend
Due 12/9/2021 to Phantasm`s Sazerac
EV Pippla
Due 12/9/2021 to MNs Dark-Shadows
EV Seabird
Due 12/9/2021 to Phantasm`s Red Ryder