My name is Emily and in real life, I own, breed and exhibit cane corso dogs in
both UKC and AKC shows. Not very often, just whenever there is a show nearby.

Currently, in the game, I am focusing on raising the average SOP of my kennel.
I would like to breed a line of pure black cane corsos in the game sometimes as well.
I am going to start using handlers on my campaigning dogs. If you would prefer me
to not enter a show that you are showing owner/handler in, please message me and
I will make sure that I take the handler off or withdraw from the show.

Thank you Dogs of Rockwood for this awesome banner!

Emily.Rose 16963152 98.25 B (Breed to 16963141) Cane Corso

CH Emily.Rose 16947005 98.35 D (10/10) Cane Corso
CH Emily.Rose 16963141 98.40 D (10/10*) Cane Corso
Emily.Rose 16997937 98.45 D (10/03 10/03) Cane Corso

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