CH Fabre Oreo Cupcake (Show) Basenji
CH Kiroja Contest (SHOW) Basenji
CH Fabre Love Spirit (SHOW10 tnb 9.8 H) Saluki
CH Sukai New Spirit Princess (Show9.8 h, 10 tnb) Saluki
CH Whiskey Mac’s No-Face (97.35 // show) Saluki
Fabre Apple Cider (Show10 C,9.9 G,9.8s) Basenji
Fabre Cinder (SHOW 10 h, 9.9 G, 9.) Basenji
Fabre Giselle Basenji
Fabre Luna Basenji
Fabre Mattie Basenji
Fabre Mud Pie (10 H , 9.9 G, 9.8 C) Basenji
Kiroja Cake Pop (Show) Basenji
Fabre Amoris (Blueprint Show 10tnb) Saluki
Fabre Charm Dancer (SHOW 9.8 head 10 tnb) Saluki
Fabre Misha (97.35 9.8h 10 tnb) Saluki
Sukai New Charmer (SHOW10tnb 9.8 H) Saluki
Fabre Black Dahlia (Keep Black and Tan ) Shiba Inu
Fabre Casi (10 feet) Shiba Inu
Fabre Kathy (Breed hurricane 10 f) Shiba Inu

CH Fabre Einstein (SHOW10 h, 9.9 tnb, 9) Basenji
CH Fabre Jackpot Strategy (10 h, 9.9 g, 9.8 C) Basenji
CH Fabre Red Knight (SHOW10 H, 9.9 G, 9.8) Basenji
CH Fabre War Admiral (10 H,G) Basenji
CH Fabre New Prince (10 tnb 9.8 HQ) Saluki
Fabre Black Flame (10 h,9.9 C, 9.8 TNB) Basenji
Fabre Master Baker (10 h,9.8 C,G,TNB) Basenji
Fabre Utopia (97.55, 10tnb,10.2g,9) Saluki
Fabre Bullride (10 feet) Shiba Inu
Fabre Gummie Bear (10 feet) Shiba Inu
Fabre Hurricane (10 feet) Shiba Inu

By Ch Peregrins Kian out of Ch Fabre Magic Spirit.
(0 days)
Fabre Fancy Magic (Bitch) Saluki
By Ch Peregrins Kian out of Ch Fabre Love Spirit.
(0 days)
New Puppy #5 (9.8 HQ,10,TNB,10.2 G) (Bitch) Saluki
New Puppy #2 (97.3 9.8FQ, 10 Tnb ) (Dog) Saluki
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Saluki
By Ch Lisra Tigers Mind out of Fabre Black Emma.
(1 days)
Fabre Black Gwen (Black Nd tn) (Bitch) Shiba Inu
By Ch Peregrins Kian out of Sukai New Charmer.
(4 days)
Fabre Jelly Bean (SHOW10 tnb 9.8 h,HQ) (Bitch) Saluki
By Ch Lisra Cowboy Casanova out of Fabre Gigi.
(5 days)
Fabre Sesame Girl (Sesame keep) (Bitch) Shiba Inu
By Ch Peregrins Arrow out of Fabre Charm.
(6 days)
Fabre Calculator (97.65 9.8 FQ,HQ 10 T) (Dog) Saluki
Fabre Crystal Charm (SHOW10 tnb, 9.8 HQ,1) (Bitch) Saluki
By Ch Kiroja Night Game out of Fabre Cinder.
(9 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Basenji
By Ch Peregrins Kian out of Ch Whiskey Mac’s No-Face.
(9 days)
Fabre Yaya (10.2 G, 10 tnb) (Bitch) Saluki
Fabre Blueprint (9.8 FQ 10 tnb) (Dog) Saluki
By BadDog Crazy As They Come out of BadDog Across The Way.
(10 days)
Fabre Witchcraft (Show) (Bitch) Basenji
By Ch Fabre New Prince out of Ch Sukai New Spirit Princess.
(10 days)
Fabre Pat (97.25,10 TNB, 9.8HQ) (Bitch) Saluki
By Ch Fabre New Prince out of Fabre Magic Avalon.
(10 days)
Fabre Magic Prince (9.8 Hq 10 tnb) (Dog) Saluki
By Ch Fabre New Prince out of Ch Fabre Love Spirit.
(10 days)
Fabre Spirit Prince (Dog) Saluki

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None at this time.
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Prestige: 63.8 (#160)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 9/13/2015
Account Level: Standard
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Community Rank: 1,225th
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"Manually calculate SOP on low SS dog?"
4 replies | 11/1/2019

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CH Kiroja Contest
Due 11/15/2019 to Fabre Red Knight
CH Whiskey Mac’s No-Face
Due 11/16/2019 to Sukai spirit halo
CH Sukai New Spirit Princess
Due 11/16/2019 to Peregrins Kian
Fabre Cinder
Due 11/16/2019 to Fabre Red Knight