CH Fantazee Black Ice Queen Pumi
GCH CH Fantazee Mystic Queen Pumi
CH Fantazee Snow Thunder Pumi
GCH CH Fantazee Storm Queen Pumi
CH Fantazee Shooting Star Toy Poodle
GCH CH Fantazee Top Quality Toy Poodle
GCH CH Fantazee Chocolate Star Toy Poodle
Fantazee Dark Destiny Pumi
Fantazee Ebony Lady Pumi
Fantazee Fawn Fantasy Pumi
Fantazee Fawn Sparkles Pumi
Fantazee Ice Mystic Pumi
Fantazee Inky Jewel Pumi
Fantazee All Black Pumi
Fantazee Dragon Sparkles Pumi
Fantazee Headfirst Into Snow Pumi
Fantazee Headliner Queen Pumi
Fantazee Ice White Pumi
Fantazee Inky India Pumi
Fantazee Inky Indira Pumi
Fantazee Snow Spirit Pumi
Fantazee Sparkling Iceicles Pumi
Fantazee Coffee Queen Toy Poodle
Fantazee Apricot Dragoness Toy Poodle
Fantazee Blue Skies Toy Poodle
Fantazee Cream Dragonara Toy Poodle
Fantazee Mysterious Toy Poodle

GCH CH Fantazee Perfect Head Pumi
CH Fantazee Dragon In The Snow Pumi
GCH CH Fantazee Storm of Icicles Pumi
GCH CH Fantazee The Ice King Pumi
GCH CH Comet Solo at Brooklands Toy Poodle
CH Fantazee Undercover Toy Poodle
Fantazee Dark Devil Pumi
Fantazee Fawn Fido Pumi
Fantazee Ice Storm Pumi
Fantazee Inky Knight Pumi
Fantazee Dark Warlock Pumi
Fantazee Head Perfect Again Pumi
Fantazee Headfirst Pumi
Fantazee Inky Darkness Pumi
Fantazee Pale Ghost Pumi
Fantazee Blue Emperor Toy Poodle
Fantazee Blue Sky Thinking Toy Poodle
Fantazee Red Adair Toy Poodle
Fantazee Holy Smoke Toy Poodle
Fantazee Mysterio Toy Poodle

By Ch Fantazee Perfect Head out of Shiro Lakia.
(13 days)
Fantazee Sparkling Moon (Bitch) Pumi
By Ch Fantazee Perfect Head out of Shiro Rolkia.
(13 days)
Fantazee Sterling Black Gold (Dog) Pumi

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Prestige: 52.9 (#220)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/19/2017
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 1/18/2022
Community Rank: 156th
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