Fenian Kennel

Breeding for quality, not quantity. All fair offers on dogs for sale will be accepted. Dogs will be put up for stud as soon as they are of age. Stud fee will rise as the dog performs well consistently.

I am not currently willing to lease dogs/bitches to others but would consider it if I have a relationship previously established with the kennel and if the kennel is known for feeding appropriately and sessioning as needed.

CH Killick Baili (Bailey 96.55 B) Chihuahua
Fenians Dressed Down (Leah 4.10RW) Anatolian Shepherd
Fenians Island Girl (Claire 4.25B) Anatolian Shepherd
Fenians Tropical Island (Breeze 4.35RW) Anatolian Shepherd
Fenians Black Widow (Harriet9.85) Doberman Pinscher
Fenians Shining Nation (Rhoda100.0A) Doberman Pinscher
Granny Coon Sugar Candy (Sugar 100 B) Doberman Pinscher
Fenians An Evening Fair (Farra99.45A) Irish Wolfhound
Fenians Native Species (Natalie 19.60BR) Irish Wolfhound

Fenians Red Army (4.05RW) Anatolian Shepherd
BSG Retro Sandcastle (Sandy95.90A) Chihuahua
Fenians A Drop of the Irish (Shiner 96.55 A) Chihuahua
Fenians Micah (Micah96.55 B) Chihuahua
Jakobi Renegade (Rogue 96.40B) Chihuahua
Fenians Freedom Ring (Freedom8.05) Doberman Pinscher
Fenians Once in A Lifetime (Ricky 100 B) Doberman Pinscher
Granny Coon Blue Again (Jack 100 B) Doberman Pinscher
Granny Coon Blue Fire (Fire 100 A) Doberman Pinscher
Masquerade Free N Easy (Freedom 100 B) Doberman Pinscher
Fenians Bolands Mill (Frank99.55A) Irish Wolfhound
Fenians My Own Country (Rat9.35) Irish Wolfhound
Fenians Native People (Peeper 16.65BR) Irish Wolfhound
FK Meet Me At the Oak Tree (Blackie 13.20BL) Irish Wolfhound

By TIK Futuristic out of Fenians Dressed in Red.
(4 days)
Fenians Fawntastic (Bitch) Anatolian Shepherd
Fenians Dressed to Impress (Dog) Anatolian Shepherd
By Ch Regina’s Sirius out of LMF Winterfell Snow.
(10 days)
Fenians Omega (Omega 99.55 A) (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Fenians Black Widow
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