Welcome to Fourlorn.

Foursaken - Mastiffs and Spanish Water Dogs.
Akalore - Briards, South African Boerboel and Dogo Argentinos.
Fourwarn - Non Designated
Fourbidden - Vizsla and Mudik.

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CH 4Lorn. Sunset On Sound Side (97.6) Beauceron
CH 4Lorn. Kiss My Glass (97.6) Beauceron
CH 4Lorn. Oceanic Full Moon (97.6) Beauceron
CH 4Lorn. Without A Doubt (94.3) Weimaraner
CH 4Lorn. The Legends Saga (94.8) Weimaraner
4Lorn. Distant Memory Beauceron
4Lorn. Done Gone N Dun It (97.6) Beauceron
4Lorn. Halloween Special (97.7) Beauceron
4Lorn. Just Chillin It Beauceron
4Lorn. Try Me Beauceron
4Lorn. Wish A Britch Wood Beauceron
New Puppy #1 Beauceron
New Puppy #1 (97.7) Beauceron
New Puppy #3 Beauceron
4Lorn. Nav (94.4) Weimaraner
4Lorn. Doubt Me Now (94.5) Weimaraner
4Lorn. Fool Me Twice (94.3) Weimaraner
New Puppy #1 (94.2) Weimaraner
New Puppy #6 (94.4) Weimaraner

CH 4Lorn. Feelin Kinda Snarky (97.8) Beauceron
CH 4Lorn. Radioactive Waste (97.6) Beauceron
CH 4Lorn. Dun Gone Viral (94.2) Weimaraner
GCH CH 4Lorn. Fight To Be Legendary (94.5) Weimaraner
4Lorn. Curb Stompin’ (97.7) Beauceron
4Lorn. Cynical and Snide (97.9) Beauceron
4Lorn. Sound of Madness (97.7) Beauceron
4Lorn. Party Favors (94.7) Weimaraner

By WS Forest Fire out of 4Lorn. Distant Memory.
(0 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Beauceron
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Beauceron
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Beauceron
4Lorn. Feelin Kinda Rude (97.8) (Dog) Beauceron
By Ch 4Lorn. Fight To Be Legendary out of 4Lorn. Fool Me Twice.
(13 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Weimaraner

Retirement Couch
CH 4Lorn. All Attitude (97.6) Beauceron
CH Fourlorn Fair Justice (97.4) Beauceron
CH Fourlorn Whips N Chains (97.5) Beauceron
GCH CH WS Kill Joy (97.30) Beauceron
CH 4Lorn. Breakaway (93.5) Weimaraner
CH 4Lorn. Built to Boom (93:5) Weimaraner
CH 4Lorn. Carry N Conceal (93.6) Weimaraner
CH 4Lorn. Mic Drop (93.8) Weimaraner
CH 4Lorn. Rockstar (93.7) Weimaraner
CH Fourlorn Here Comes Da Boom (93.5) Weimaraner
CH Fourlorn Nota’nother Victim (93.4) Weimaraner
General Info
Prestige: 73.3 (#116)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/3/2013
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 10/25/2021
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"Genuine Chat Interest"
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"So Sad. "
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Upcomming Litters
4Lorn. Nav
Due 10/25/2021 to 4Lorn. Party Favors
4Lorn. Just Chillin It
Due 10/25/2021 to WS Druid
4Lorn. Fool Me Twice
Due 10/25/2021 to 4Lorn. Party Favors
CH 4Lorn. The Legends Saga
Due 10/26/2021 to Lunatic Joey