CH Russia’s Betting Straight Up (.4/1.3) Mudi
CH Russia’s Gone with the Wind (.4/1.4) Mudi
CH Russia’s Oceans Eleven (.4/1.4) Mudi
CH Russia’s Roulette (.4/1.5) Mudi
CH Russia’s Sassafras (.4/1.2) Mudi
GCH CH Russia’s Siberian Tsarina (.4/1.2) Mudi
CH Russia’s Sight of the Moon (.4/1.5) Mudi
CH Russia’s The Killing (.4/1.2) Mudi
New Puppy #4 (96.4) Mudi
New Puppy #5 (White carrier) Mudi
New Puppy #8 (96.75) Mudi
Russia’s Call Me Katya (.4/1.1) Mudi
Russia’s Hidden River (.4/1.6) Mudi
Russia’s Little Iris (96.85) Mudi
Russia’s Severnaya Zemlya (.4/1.3) Mudi
Russia’s Snow Shine (W carrier?) Mudi
Russia’s Thunderstorm (White Carrier?) Mudi

CH Nymble Winter’s Wish (.4/1.3) Mudi
GCH CH Russia’s Baltic Sea (.4/1.5) Mudi
CH Russia’s Done Away With (.4/1.5) Mudi
GCH CH Russia’s Norilsk Cossack (.4/1.2) Mudi
GCH CH Russia’s North of Kamchatka (96.85 .4/1.3) Mudi
CH Russia’s Siberian Tiger (.4/1.1) Mudi
CH Russia’s Small Favors (.4/1.2) Mudi
GCH CH Russia’s Tsar Mr. Wish (.4/1.2) Mudi
CH Russia’s We Fly High (.4/1.4) Mudi
New Puppy #6 (White carrier) Mudi
Russia’s Golden Breeze (W carrier?) Mudi
Russia’s Over the Storm (White carrier) Mudi
Russia’s Sightless River (.4/1.3) Mudi

By Russia’s Sightless River out of Ch Russia’s Siberian Tsarina.
(1 days)
Russia’s East Siberian Sea (Dog) Mudi
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Mudi
New Puppy #1 (96.7) (Bitch) Mudi
By Ch Russia’s Baltic Sea out of Russia’s Little Iris.
(3 days)
New Puppy #6 (98.85) (Bitch) Mudi
Russia’s Vasil’Yevskiy Ostrov (96.75) (Dog) Mudi
By Ch Russia’s Tsar Mr. Wish out of Ch Russia’s The Killing.
(4 days)
Russia’s Blood Evidence (Dog) Mudi
New Puppy #5 (Dog) Mudi
Russia’s Royal Assassin (Dog) Mudi
New Puppy #1 (96.55) (Bitch) Mudi
By Ch Russia’s North of Kamchatka out of Ch Russia’s Sassafras.
(10 days)
New Puppy #7 (Bitch) Mudi
By Russia’s North Moon out of Russia’s Hidden River.
(11 days)
Russia’s Yenisei River (Dog) Mudi

Retirement Couch
CH Nymble Back to the Future (.4/1.3) Mudi
GCH CH Nymble Small Fry (.4/1.2 96.60) Mudi
GCH CH Russia’s Tundra Aurora (.4/1.2) Mudi
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Prestige: 85.0 (#59)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 5/6/2020
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 8/14/2020
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Upcomming Litters
Russia’s Thunderstorm
Due 8/15/2020 to Russia’s Golden Breeze
Russia’s Snow Shine
Due 8/15/2020 to Russia’s Over the Storm
Russia’s Hidden River
Due 8/15/2020 to Wickised Something Suspicious
CH Russia’s Sassafras
Due 8/18/2020 to Russia’s North of Kamchatka
CH Russia’s Gone with the Wind
Due 8/18/2020 to Russia’s Siberian Tiger