CH Grafton Adria Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Bellina Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Brinda Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Caliste Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Celia Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Dafina Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Daylin Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Edyta Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Elisha Bullmastiff
Grafton Fabiola (11:2) Bullmastiff
Grafton Fidelia (7:2) Bullmastiff
Grafton Gabi (11:2) Bullmastiff
Grafton Gizela (3:1) Bullmastiff

CH Grafton Balder Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Bayle Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Cabrera Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Carrick Bullmastiff
Grafton Dagan (7:2) Bullmastiff
Grafton Demas (3:1) Bullmastiff
Grafton Edgardo (3:1) Bullmastiff
Grafton Ellard (3:1) Bullmastiff
Grafton Faster Bullmastiff

By Ch Grafton Aithan out of Ch Grafton Caliste.
(0 days)
Grafton Isis (Bitch) Bullmastiff
Grafton Jeor (Dog) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton York out of Ch Grafton Bellina.
(2 days)
Grafton Jadran (Dog) Bullmastiff
Grafton Ieva (Bitch) Bullmastiff
Grafton Ives (Dog) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Walden out of Ch Grafton Adria.
(3 days)
Grafton Imad (Dog) Bullmastiff
Grafton Heron (Dog) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Triumph out of Ch Grafton Abelina.
(4 days)
Grafton Haluk (Dog) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Vaclav out of Ch Grafton Winola.
(6 days)
Grafton Hewez (Bitch) Bullmastiff
Grafton Hanni (Bitch) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Taban out of Ch Grafton Velma.
(7 days)
Grafton Gerwin (Dog) Bullmastiff
Grafton Garin (Dog) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Severin out of Ch Grafton Terema.
(8 days)
Grafton Fionn (Dog) Bullmastiff

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 88.7 (#46)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 10/1/2016
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: Not Listed
Community Rank: 961st
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Due 5/9/2021 to Grafton Balder
CH Grafton Dafina
Due 5/10/2021 to Grafton Vaclav
CH Grafton Daylin
Due 5/12/2021 to Grafton Bayle
CH Grafton Edyta
Due 5/12/2021 to Grafton Aithan