CH Grafton Delfina Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Edwina Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Ellasyn Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Fairy Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Florida Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Galinda Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Glynis Bullmastiff
Grafton Hanae (4:1) Bullmastiff
Grafton Honoka Bullmastiff

CH Grafton Indy Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Ivin Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Jaquan Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Jersey Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Kavon Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Kiano Bullmastiff
CH Grafton Lakota Bullmastiff
Grafton Lezane (11:2) Bullmastiff
Grafton Magnus Bullmastiff
Grafton Meitar Bullmastiff

By Ch Grafton Gideon out of Ch Grafton Galinda.
(0 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Bullmastiff
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Gaiwan out of Ch Grafton Florida.
(1 days)
Grafton Phyre (Dog) Bullmastiff
Grafton Palti (Dog) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Fisher out of Ch Grafton Fairy.
(3 days)
Grafton Leila (Bitch) Bullmastiff
Grafton Lajita (Bitch) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Fisher out of Ch Grafton Ellasyn.
(4 days)
Grafton Oren (Dog) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Jersey out of Ch Grafton Edwina.
(5 days)
Grafton Kelsea (Bitch) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Farley out of Ch Grafton Delfina.
(6 days)
Grafton Kaley (Bitch) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Jaquan out of Ch Grafton Damani.
(7 days)
Grafton Oded (Dog) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Ivin out of Ch Grafton Cayla.
(8 days)
Grafton Jaimin (Bitch) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Indy out of Ch Grafton Caitlyn.
(9 days)
Grafton Infinity (Bitch) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Hachiro out of Ch Grafton Bloem.
(11 days)
Grafton Newton (Dog) Bullmastiff
Grafton Ide (Bitch) Bullmastiff
By Ch Grafton Hector out of Ch Grafton Bellona.
(12 days)
Grafton Natine (Dog) Bullmastiff

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None at this time.
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Prestige: 84.8 (#55)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 10/1/2016
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: Not Listed
Community Rank: 961st
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CH Grafton Glynis
Due 3/31/2020 to Grafton Hachiro