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CH Kohl Fear OfNationwideBlackout (100.00 - 14GP) Borzoi
CH Kohl Fear OfThe Black Midnight (100.00 - 6GP) Borzoi
CH ESAN Carnivora (99.00 - 0GP) Cane Corso
GCH CH Mamba Wild Amazonia (BINSS Aug) Cane Corso
GCH CH MTNBRZ Xerox (99.10 - 67GP BIS) Cane Corso
CH GBK9s Dark Star (99.95 - 0GP) Rottweiler
Kohl All Around Me Is Silence Borzoi
Kohl Always A Hero In My Book (100.00 - 11CP) Borzoi
Kohl LastGirl Left InThe World (100.00 - 8CP) Borzoi
Kohl NeverReallyEverDreaming (100.00 - 6CP) Borzoi
Kohl The Forest Is On Fire (100.00 - 1CP) Borzoi
Kohl The Silence IsMy Illusion (100.00 - 10CP) Borzoi
Kohl This Is Virtual Love Borzoi
Kohl WhenIDreamLateAtNight (100.00 - 6CP) Borzoi
AllThingsWeirdNWonderful @Kohl Cane Corso
ESAN Rolls Royce @ Kohl Cane Corso
Kohl The Devil Wears Blue Cane Corso
Kohl *98.85 Fawn Br Bl Mask Cane Corso
MTNBRZ Kiki Cane Corso
Kohl AliveLikeItsTheFirstTime Rottweiler
Kohl Written InThe Stars Above Rottweiler
Lolboter Puppet Master (99.90 - 8CP) Rottweiler

CH Kohl Blackout Midnight Fear (100.00 - 3GP) Borzoi
CH MTNBRZ Ruff Times (98.90 - 9GP) Cane Corso
CH Kohl Down By The Edge Of Faith (97.55 - 13GP) Ibizan Hound
CH Kohl JustAsRumorWouldHaveIt (97.65 - 0GP) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH BarStar Still In The Darkness (99.95 - 79GP) Rottweiler
CH BarStar Up In The Air (100.00 - 12GP) Rottweiler
Kohl IDreamtThatUrTearsStopped (100.00 - 10CP) Borzoi
ESAN Amsterdam Guardian (99.05 - 11CP) Cane Corso
ESAN Siege of Darkness Cane Corso
Kohl Call For The Guards Cane Corso
Kohl Don`t Stand By The Edge (97.25 - 2CP) Ibizan Hound
Kohl Just Playing For Keeps Ibizan Hound
Kohl WhoGaveYouSoMuchPower (99.95 - 4CP) Rottweiler

By Ch Kohl Down By The Edge Of Faith out of Kohl TheStarsAreGoingToFall.
(6 days)
Kohl The Stars R Falling Down (Dog) Ibizan Hound
Kohl As The Stars Fall Down (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
By Ch Novos Spell Born out of Kohl Gen1 Wolf Sable Parto.
(6 days)
Kohl Gen 2 Cream Sable (Bitch) German Spitz
New Puppy #3 (Dog) German Spitz
By Ch MTNBRZ Ruff Times out of Kohl Gen1 Black.
(6 days)
Kohl Gen 2 Black (Bitch) Cane Corso
By ESAN Trending out of MTNBRZ Kiki.
(7 days)
Kohl Number One News Story (Dog) Cane Corso
Kohl Todays Trending Stories (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Insignia Solar Flare out of Kiroja No Job.
(9 days)
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) German Shepherd Dog
By Ch Kohl JustAsRumorWouldHaveIt out of Kohl Have Faith In Me.
(9 days)
Kohl *97.60 Red White Wire (Dog) Ibizan Hound
Kohl All This Faith And Hope (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
Kohl JustAs Faith WouldHave It (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
By Ch Kohl JustAsRumorWouldHaveIt out of Kohl 96.85/97.50 White Wire.
(9 days)
Kohl Go On, I Dare U A Rumor (Dog) Ibizan Hound
Kohl *97.35 White Short Haired (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
Kohl Start A Rumor About Me (Dog) Ibizan Hound
By Ch Kohl Down By The Edge Of Faith out of Kohl 95.50/97.25 Red White WH.
(9 days)
Kohl Down By The Edge Of Life (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
Kohl I Have No Faith Left (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
By ESAN Storm and Fire out of Ch Mamba Wild Amazonia.
(10 days)
Kohl *99.00 Blue Brindle (Dog) Cane Corso
Kohl The Girl On Fire (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch Kohl Blackout Midnight Fear out of Picardy/Kohl Red 78.55.
(12 days)
Kohl 85.15 Cream BM (Bitch) Borzoi
By MTNBRZ Blown Piston out of Ch ESAN Carnivora.
(12 days)
Kohl Cannibals With Cutlery (Bitch) Cane Corso
Kohl Ahead Of The Hunt (Dog) Cane Corso

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GCH CH Mamba Wild Amazonia
Due 11/2/2020 to ESAN Amsterdam Guardian