CH Halcyon Rum Baba (99.90 ** 12GP) Boxer
CH Kohl Fairytale Revenge To Have (98.90 ** 14CP) Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl IHaveMyReasonsWhyILoveYou Belgian Laekenois
New Puppy #2 Belgian Laekenois
New Puppy #3 Belgian Laekenois
HD VeryVanilla Schnapps @ Kohl (99.85 ** 4CP) Boxer
Kohl AWayOutFromTheWhispers (99.80 ** 3CP) Boxer
Kohl Can`t Expect U2B Honest Boxer
Kohl DirtyChipped Finger Nails Boxer
Kohl If You Want To Walk Away Boxer
Kiroja Make Room (97.60 ** 9CP) Miniature Schnauzer
Kiroja Room And Board Miniature Schnauzer
Kohl Fake It With Conviction Miniature Schnauzer
Kohl Flowers 4The Engagement Miniature Schnauzer
Kohl InAn Ocean Full Of Change Miniature Schnauzer
Kohl Run Away Bride (*97.55 ** 2CP) Miniature Schnauzer
Kohl U Play Me Like A Victim Miniature Schnauzer
Kohl AndIAmLostWithinTheFlames Old English Sheepdog
Kohl FeelsLike The Perfect Day Old English Sheepdog
Kohl Silence All Around Me Old English Sheepdog
Kohl This Baby Don`t Cry (98.10 ** 16CP) Old English Sheepdog
Kohl Your Soul Is Finally Free Old English Sheepdog
Kohl 91.40 RL Red W Blk Mask Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl 98.85 RL Red W Black Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl 98.85 RL Red W Black A Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl HearMyVoiceDearlyDeparted Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl I`llLeaveANoteOnYourDoor Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl IDontWannaBeMeAnymore Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl NoTelingWenThTruthIsClear Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl ToldMeThereWasNothingLeft Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl When I Dream Of Getting U Rhodesian Ridgeback
SummitRidge TripleThreat @Kohl (97.15 ** 4CP) Standard Schnauzer

New Puppy #6 Belgian Laekenois
HD WhiteRumOnTheRocks @ Kohl (99.85 ** 8CP) Boxer
Kohl By The New York Sky Rise Boxer
Kohl Heart Haunted By Ghosts (99.80 ** 5CP) Boxer
Kohl The Past Two Years Or So Boxer
Kohl Floral Suit 4 The Wedding Miniature Schnauzer
Kohl Run Away Groom (97.60 ** 2CP) Miniature Schnauzer
Kohl IKnowEachMomentIsFleeting Old English Sheepdog
Kohl The Last To Go To Sleep Old English Sheepdog
Enchante Ridge Colin (99) Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl But ICantHelpUPlayUrHand Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl CouldntReallyLoveUAnymore (*99.05 ** 5CP) Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl IHearYouTalkingToYourself Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl In A Battle Of Our Fears Rhodesian Ridgeback
Kohl My Revenge In Fairytale (98.95 ** 9CP) Rhodesian Ridgeback
There IsAVoid 2B Found @ Kohl Rhodesian Ridgeback

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Nefarious Bride Miniature Schnauzer
GCH CH Nefarious Fleur (Bronze GCH/Dam) Miniature Schnauzer
GCH CH Nefarious Floral (Bronze GCH) Miniature Schnauzer
General Info
Prestige: 20.0 (#1,190)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 2/9/2018
Account Level: Basic
Last Visit: 11/11/2019
Community Rank: 201st
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