CH HSs Maze Runner (100) German Shepherd Dog
CH HSs Midget (100) German Shepherd Dog
CH HSs On It (100) German Shepherd Dog
CH HSs Willow (100) German Shepherd Dog
Cermaics Sixpence (A 92.2) Anatolian Shepherd
HSs Just Chill (89.40/20) Anatolian Shepherd
BSG Powerful Future @ HS (89.60/20) Bulldog
HSs Bashful (A 89.1) Bulldog
HSs Thats It For Now (99.90/20) German Shepherd Dog
BRKDRs Ice Ice Baby (*) Mudi
Halcyon Cinder Of HS (99.35/20) Pointer
HSs Cookie (99.30/20) Pointer
HSs Pansy (99.20/20) Pointer

CH HSs On The Run (100) German Shepherd Dog
HSs Hazer Peregrins (90/20) Anatolian Shepherd
HSs Toad (A 89.15) Bulldog
HSs Maestro (100) German Shepherd Dog
HSs Ripley (97.95/20) German Shepherd Dog
HSs Get Back Up (96.40/20) Mudi

By GLK Swift Retreat out of HSs Thats It For Now.
(2 days)
HSs Mystic (100) (Bitch) German Shepherd Dog
By BWD Nairobi out of HSs Just Chill.
(3 days)
HSs Hollywood (91.90/20) (Dog) Anatolian Shepherd
By Ch HSs On The Run out of HSs Flush.
(8 days)
HSs Edge (A 98) (Dog) German Shepherd Dog
HSs Ida (A 98.4) (Bitch) German Shepherd Dog
By Ch Halcyon Inflation out of Halcyon Fantastic Day.
(8 days)
HSs Up And Away (99.25/20) (Bitch) Pointer
By Novus Heaven Sent out of BlockHeads Ma.
(9 days)
HSs Brie (88.30/20) (Bitch) Bulldog
By Ch Deweys Daniel out of Ceramics Paper Reward.
(10 days)
Ceramics Reward Pixie (A 91.2) (Bitch) Anatolian Shepherd
By HSs Black and Tan out of Ch HSs On It.
(11 days)
HSs Petra (A 97.65) (Bitch) German Shepherd Dog
By Ch BSG My Stakes out of HSs All Over Again.
(11 days)
HSs Niko (A 89.25) (Dog) Bulldog

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 70.2 (#124)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 12/17/2006
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 2/26/2020
Community Rank: 277th

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Upcomming Litters
BSG Powerful Future @ HS
Due 2/28/2020 to HSs Gigolo
CH HSs Willow
Due 3/1/2020 to HSs Ripley
BRKDRs Ice Ice Baby
Due 3/1/2020 to HSs Get Back Up
CH HSs On It
Due 3/1/2020 to HSs Ripley