Imperial Afghans


Dedicated to improving the beauty, type and splendor of the Afghan Hound. Imperial Afghans are selectively bred to bring you ribbons in the show ring and future winners in your whelping boxes.

Sale pups are held for ten days only and if not sold are given to Loving Families.
Any time you see a pup for sale that is advertised as $100 but you may not have it, or if you are new to the breed looking for dogs to start out, feel free to message me and I'll accept a lower offer.

CH Imperial Berry Cobbler Afghan Hound
GCH CH Imperial Chill No Worries (3BOB) Afghan Hound
CH Imperial Cold Hearted Afghan Hound
GCH CH Imperial Hoodwinked (9BOB Grp 1) Afghan Hound
CH Imperial Midnight Heart (***) Afghan Hound
CH Imperial Prank Call (BOB1,Grp1,4thinShow) Afghan Hound
CH Tarot Imperial Heart (8BOB) Afghan Hound
Imperial Blooming Heart Afghan Hound
Imperial Just Chill Afghan Hound
Imperial Shadow at Midnight Afghan Hound
Imperial Sliver V Nachthunde Afghan Hound

GCH CH Imperial Malachi Afghan Hound
CH Imperial Midnight Jazz Afghan Hound
CH Imperial Mistaken Identity Afghan Hound
CH Imperial Phase of the Heart Afghan Hound
Imperial Blue Twilight Afghan Hound
Imperial Catfished Afghan Hound
Imperial Make No Mistake Afghan Hound
Imperial Phase of Jasmine Afghan Hound

By Ch Nachthunde Daredevil out of Ch Imperial Berry Cobbler.
(7 days)
Imperial Dare to be Devilish (Dog) Afghan Hound
Imperial Devils Cobbler (Bitch) Afghan Hound
By Ch Tarot Moonlight Madness out of Ch Imperial Chill No Worries.
(11 days)
Imperial Chillin the Moonlight (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Imperial Chill with Madness (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Ch Imperial Malachi out of Ch Imperial Cold Hearted.
(11 days)
Imperial Cold as Ice (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Imperial Cold Shoulder (Bitch) Afghan Hound
Imperial Heart of Ice (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Ch Imperial Mistaken Identity out of Ch Tarot Imperial Heart.
(13 days)
Imperial Identical Hearts (Dog) Afghan Hound
Imperial Mistaken Heart (Bitch) Afghan Hound

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CH Tarot Imperial Heart
Due 1/29/2023 to Fluff Fried Banana Sandwich
GCH CH Imperial Hoodwinked
Due 1/29/2023 to AG Qarat Kapoho