Imperial Papillons

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BISS GCH Willow Imperial Fine Art, “Monet”
Imperial’s foundation bitch!

CH Imperial Lady Stardust (Bowie 98.10) Papillon
GCH CH Imperial Starshine (Star 97.90) Papillon
CH Imperial This Round’s On Me (Daiquiri 97.75) Papillon
CH Imperial Topic Of Conversion (Fame 97.80) Papillon
CH Imperial Wickedly Perfect (Posh 97.95) Papillon
Imperial Bebe Le Strange (Bebe 98.00) Papillon
Imperial Day Trip (Trip 98.20) Papillon
Imperial Just Peachy (Peaches 98.00) Papillon
Imperial OMG (Surprise 98.15) Papillon
Imperial Pardon Me Boys (Pardon 98.05) Papillon
Imperial White Christmas (Frost 98.05) Papillon
Imperial Worth The Hype (Craze 97.85) Papillon

CH Grays Imperial He’s A Trip (Journey 98.40) Papillon
CH Imperial Call My Agent (McGuire 97.75) Papillon
CH Imperial It’s A Wonderful Life (Clarence 98.30) Papillon
CH Imperial Show Me The Money (Cash 97.60) Papillon
CH Imperial Trick Question (Guess 97.65) Papillon
CH Imperial Wish Upon A Star (Disney 97.80) Papillon
Aerostar Pinch of Pepper (Spice 98.45) Papillon
Imperial A Christmas Story (Ralphie 98.10) Papillon
Imperial AllThatGlittersIsGold (Jackpot 98.05) Papillon
Imperial Laugh At The Rules (Rebel 97.80) Papillon
Imperial On 34th Street (Miracle 98.10) Papillon
Imperial Pop The Cork (Cork 97.85) Papillon
Imperial Shameless (Trouble 98.05) Papillon
Imperial VIP (97.95 Keeper) Papillon

By Aerostar Pinch of Pepper out of Ch Imperial Wickedly Perfect.
(6 days)
Imperial In A Pinch (Dog) Papillon
Imperial A Pinch Of Wicked (Dog) Papillon
Imperial Ways To Be Wicked (Damian 98.10) (Dog) Papillon
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Papillon
By Aerostar Pinch of Pepper out of Ch Imperial Starshine.
(6 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Papillon
Imperial A Dash Of Spice (Sage 97.80) (Dog) Papillon
Imperial A Pinch Of Sparkle (Sparkle 97.80) (Bitch) Papillon

Retirement Couch
CH RCK`s Oh Lordie (Mercy 23.15) Alaskan Klee Kai
CH CoDetroit Imperial Ba-da Bling (Bling 98.85) Jack Russell Terrier
CH Dustmops Imperial Prince (Basil 97.30) Papillon
CH Imperial Black Tie Affair (Tux 97.60) Papillon
CH Imperial Champagne Supernova (Nova 97.85) Papillon
GCH CH Imperial Dream Catcher (Feather 97.85) Papillon
CH Imperial Entourage (Passé 97.65) Papillon
CH Imperial Envelope Please (Wynn 97.60) Papillon
CH Imperial Everybody Talks (Gossip 97.50) Papillon
CH Imperial Gossip Girl (Gabby 97.70) Papillon
CH Imperial Hello Fabulous (Fab 97.30) Papillon
CH Imperial Organized Chaos (Chaos 97.65) Papillon
CH Imperial Pardon My French (Collette 97.95) Papillon
GCH CH Imperial Peach On The Beach (Bikini 97.85) Papillon
CH Imperial Starlight Starbright (Wish 97.50) Papillon
CH Imperial Start Your Engines (Indy 97.30) Papillon
CH Imperial Stay Wild Moon Child (Luna 97.35) Papillon
CH Imperial That Old Black Magic (Voodoo 97.60) Papillon
CH Imperial That’s So LA (Cali 97.70) Papillon
CH Imperial Undercover (Alias 97.55) Papillon
CH Imperial Where’s My Chauffeur (Limo 97.40) Papillon
CH Lanas Shake Things UP (Twister 97.45) Papillon
CH NeverLand Flower Child (Poppy 97.40) Papillon
GCH CH Willow Coupe de Troupe (Trudy 97.70) Papillon
GCH CH Willow Imperial Fine Art (Monet BISS 97.65) Papillon
CH Willow Imperial Suncatcher (Soleil 97.65) Papillon
Imperial Have A Drink On Me (Cheers 97.50) Papillon
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Prestige: 67.6 (#155)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 3/21/2020
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 2/25/2021
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