Irish Isles

Anbu Kennel: IchaIcha Borzois
Chapter Black: ChapterBlack Basset Hounds
Mt Silver: MtSlvr Curly Coated Retrievers
TuxedoBostons2: TxB Boston Terriers
Dynames: Stratos Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Hurricos: Miscellaneous and Obedience
Irish Isles: Aran Irish Terriers
Operation Meteor: Duo Spinone Italianos
Zodiac Alliance: Zala American Foxhounds

shocked 8O Iss faar Gay-el-geh brish-teh naw Bay-er-lah clish-teh shocked 8O

CH Aran Character Senses (*) Irish Terrier
CH Aran Icon Park Irish Terrier
CH Aran Not Invited (*) Irish Terrier
CH Aran Poltergeist (*) Irish Terrier
GCH CH Emeralda Fiona (*) Irish Terrier
CH Aran Full Moon (*BIS) Irish Wolfhound
Aran Self Important (*) Irish Setter
Aran Check Soldier Irish Terrier
Aran Come Play (C) Irish Terrier
Aran Coming Beauty (C) Irish Terrier
Aran Entitled Icon (C) Irish Terrier
Aran Iconic Jingle Irish Terrier
Aran Light Miracle Irish Terrier
Aran Psychotherapy Irish Terrier
Aran Secret Jingle Irish Terrier
Aran Sun Day Irish Terrier
Aran What Arrogance Irish Terrier
Aran Woods (C) Irish Terrier
Aran Worthwhile Irish Terrier
Aran Cold Spring (*) Irish Wolfhound
Aran Eclipse (*) Irish Wolfhound
Aran Nightmare (*) Irish Wolfhound
Aran Vallejo (*) Irish Wolfhound
Aran White Hill (*) Irish Wolfhound

GCH CH Aran Part Timer Syndrome (BISSx2) Irish Setter
CH Emeralda Firmin (*) Irish Terrier
GCH CH Emeralda Francis (BIS, BISS) Irish Terrier
GCH CH Aran New Moon (*BISx3) Irish Wolfhound
GCH CH Aran Port Mafia (BISx2,BISS) Irish Wolfhound
Aran Seven Ate Nine (*) Irish Setter
Aran Beautiful Story Irish Terrier
Aran Coast Irish Terrier
Aran Farnwood Irish Terrier
Aran Ferris Wheel Irish Terrier
Aran Inserted Paper Irish Terrier
Aran Pitiful Fire Irish Terrier
Aran Rupture Irish Terrier
Aran Set Free Irish Terrier
Aran Solitary Magic Irish Terrier
Aran Whats New Irish Terrier
Aran White Moon (*) Irish Wolfhound

By Aran Miracle out of Aran Armored.
(1 days)
Aran Miracle Armor (Dog) Irish Terrier
By Ch MVK New Explorer out of Ch Aran White Rose.
(2 days)
Aran White Exploration (*) (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
Aran New Rose (*) (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
Aran Necessary (*) (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
By Ch Lachlan den Chrann Darach out of Ch Aran Starfire.
(2 days)
Aran Wildfire (*) (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
Aran Tamaran (*) (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
By Aran Chopping Block out of Ch Aran Icon Park.
(5 days)
Aran Iconic Block (Bitch) Irish Terrier
By Aran Brought Together out of Aran Festival.
(5 days)
Aran Check In (Bitch) Irish Terrier
By Ch Emeralda Francis out of Aran Stay Short.
(8 days)
Aran Lease (Bitch) Irish Terrier
By Aran Chopping Block out of Aran Secrets Made.
(8 days)
Aran Secret Block (Dog) Irish Terrier
By Aran Rupture out of Aran Back Out.
(8 days)
Aran Massage Chair (Bitch) Irish Terrier
By Ch Emeralda Firmin out of Aran Light Note.
(11 days)
Aran Western (Dog) Irish Terrier
By Aran Inserted Paper out of Aran Stay Beautiful.
(12 days)
Aran Paper Weight (Dog) Irish Terrier
By Ch Emeralda Francis out of Aran Armored.
(12 days)
Aran Silky Smooth (Bitch) Irish Terrier

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None at this time.
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Prestige: 95.9 (#17)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 12/3/2021
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 2/29/2024
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