149 champions bred - 119 champions finished

HOME OF multiple top Alaskan Malamutes of all time
CH Kimoko's Above and Beyond #10 All Time
CH Kimoko's Border of Despair #11 All Time

Best in Show winners
CH Kimoko's Raging Spell (1)
CH Kimoko's Infinate Change (1)
CH Kimoko's Flight of the Valkyrie (1)
CH Kimoko's After Midnight (1)
CH Kimoko's Above the Clouds (1)
CH Kimoko's Dark Thunder (1)
CH Kimoko's Above and Beyond (5)
CH Kimoko's Got it All (1)
CH Kimoko's Nothing More (1)
CH Kimoko's Wild Thing (1)
CH Kimoko's Danderous Dan (5)
CH Kimoko's Magic Fortune (2)
CH Kimoko's Son of Flicka (1)

Best in Specialty Show winners

CH Kimoko's Can't Touch This (1)
CH Kimoko's Semper Fi (2)
CH Kimoko's Battle Hymn (2)
CH Kimoko's Cry Havoc (1)
CH Kimoko's Call of Duty (3)
CH Kimoko's Above and Beyond (15)
CH Mountain Malamutes Mady (1)
CH Kimoko's Lock and Load (17) owned by ITW
CH Kimoko's Dangerous Dan (5)
CH Kimoko's Magic Fortune (5)
CH Kimoko's Just in Time (2)
CH Kimoko's Just My Luck (1)[\b]

KIMOKO Alaskan Malamutes

The dog in my photos is: BISS/AKC/SKC CH Tanunak's Dakota Chief CGC; my wonderful and beloved Dakota. In his honor, I will primarily own and breed reds here.

The name is derived from my first three RL malamutes, Kira, Mookie and Koty. I'm returning to the game after a long absence. Thank you to my RL friend Majesticmals for helping me restart. I am very pleased to see that ALL of the dogs I purchased actually go back to my original Kimoko or Golden Oaks kennels (thru HWK and ITW). That is very satisfying to see my original line is a foundation for the breed still active.

This sketch is my personal artwork, please do not copy. Thank you Gaylan Studios for your help.

General Info
Prestige: 53.1 (#236)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/2/2005
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: Not Listed

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Upcomming Litters
Kimokos Torchfire
Due 2/11/2023 to Phantasm`s No.18258337
Kimokos Red Storm
Due 2/11/2023 to Phantasm`s No.18258288