Lace Dreams

Current Home of:

Current Kennels Owned By Me:
.A. Brand Kennels (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen & Whippets)
.Alexandrite. (Afghan Hounds)
Kiss Of Summer (SH, WH, & Brindle Dachshunds)
Lace Dreams (LH & WH Dachshunds)
LD Winners (my basic)
Stardate Vulcan (German Spitz)

Previous Kennels:
Laffy-Taffy Kennels
Laffy~Taffy Kennels

Breeds/Prefixes that I have claimed in one point in time or another (current breeds are marked with an *asterisk; permanent breeds have my starting year)

*.A. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (Est. 2016)
.T. Labrador Retrievers
*Alexandrite Afghans (Est. 2013)
*Amethyst Dachshunds (Est. 2011)
Amoretto Standard Poodles
Azzurro Australian Shepherds
Cielo Skye Terriers
Girassol Portuguese Water Dogs
*Gossamer Whippets
*Hatzer German Spitz
HiM (Highland Mary) Scottish Terriers
LD Lhasa Apso
Opal Great Danes
Titanic Sheltland Sheepdogs
Topaz Australian Kelpies
Trotzen Rottweilers
Troubdadour Doberman Pinschers
Vento Delicato Lagotto Romagnolo

In chronological order...

Champions Finished :
Amethyst On The Road (Dachshund)
Amethyst Get Your Game On (Dachshund)
Amethyst Cold As Stone (Dachshund)
Amethyst Hard Game Of Love (Dachshund)
Amethyst Hey Joe (Dachshund)
Amethyst Little Joe (Dachshund)

Champions Bred:
Amethyst Cold As Stone (Dachshund)
Amethyst Hard Game Of Love (Dachshund)
Amethyst Hey Joe (Dachshund)
Amethyst Little Joe (Dachshund)

Grand Champions Bred/Finished:
Amethyst Cold As Stone (Dachshund)
Amethyst Hard Game Of Love (Dachshund)
Amethyst Little Joe (Dachshund)

Studs are as follows:

Unfinished: $25
Champion: $50
Grand Champion: $100

Pups will be up for $100 approval required, so I can give them a name if someone purchases them.
Adult broodies will be up for $100 no approval.
Adult studs are rarely sold, unless specifically requested by another breeder.
If a dog is up on approval please feel free to offer any amount...I accept all offers. happy :)

I often lease out my broodies for one breeding for no charge, so please don't hesitate to ask if you'd be interested.

I love to help out new and old breeders alike. If you see something in my kennel you like message me and we'll figure something out!

Amoroso/Em (for Dachshunds, friendship, and so much more)
BeauBlanc/Claire (for the second imi which is really more of a drawing and for all the fun late nights watching her do banners and draw)
BlackRhapsody (for the second banner)
Figs Dreams/Emma (for friendship and teaching how to swear in Irish Gaelic)
Fourlorn (I dunno man...for everything? lol)
TuffENuff/Tikis (for the stock that kickstarted the Lace Dreams line of Amethyst Doxies)
Inspirational Kennels/Shimmer (for friendship...I can't tell y'all how much I miss this kid...)
Dreisaiah Hundehutte/Reina (for the first banner, the first imi and the word tags)
Tru_Dachsie/Willowstars/Marina (for getting me hooked on Doxies a few eons ago)

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Prestige: 5.0 (#510)
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Signed Up: 3/17/2016
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 6/10/2020
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