Laffy-Taffy Kennels

Home Of:
Alexandrite Afghans
Amethyst Dachshunds
Azzurro Australian Shepherds
Girassol Portuguese Water Dogs
And a Homebred CH in every breed program

Previous Home of:
Cielo Skyes
Hatzer German Spitz
HiM Scotties
Opal Great Danes
Topaz Kelpies
Vento Delicato Lagotti

Thanks to Four, Reina, ruthlessHavoc, Black Rapsody, Claire for all the artwork on this page! The Dreamer tag was made especially for me by British Prophetess on deviantART, not for anyone else (so hands off, lol).

Breeds finished so far...
Afghans: Alexandrite Wild In Your Smile (and several others!)
Dachshund: Amethyst Jack Of Diamonds
Dandy Dinmont Terrier: Ruby Salt and Pepper
Scottish Terrier: HiM Nobody In His Right Mind
Standard Poodle: Amoretto They Was Magic Shoes
Yorkshire Terrier: Frills A Showman`s Life

Working on:
Girassol ?? (Portuguese Water Dog)
Azzurro ?? (Australian Shepherd)

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