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Amazing banner by Alexandria! happy :)

Other banner by me laugh :D razz :p

Right now I'm not just showing and breeding, but I'm also trying to breed black Neos! I know there's not very many, but I really want there to be more!

I know I have not been very active recently, partly because there is little to be active for when Neos are dying! Come to Neos, we need you! razz :p But aside from that, I'm trying to become active again and am really getting back into my color project, I want black Neos still! I will have them! I am proud at least they that do exist in low numbers now, whereas there used to only be two (those two have since died sad :( ) and we came close to totally losing black Neos.

I grow very attached to my Showdog dogs, and if they are for sale it doesn't mean I don't care about them a lot (that sounds really weird but seriously..... razz :p). If you buy a dog from me, please don't forever home it without contacting me first. Especially if it isn't a puppy (if I'm selling a dog I've named, sessioned, and/or bred, it definitely still means a lot to me and I don't want to sell it, but need to). Thanks happy :)!

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