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Little River Kennel by Lauren
Other work - Belgian Malinois in Bubbledogs

I am a longtime player of ShowDog, since about 2007 in a different account. I was always a basic until I decided I loved the game too much to not have premium access. My favorite breed in real life is German Shepherds.

Current goal for the kennel is to breed and show GSDs to GCH titles!

Dedicated member for 11 years.

I was power of three cattrey on ShowCats since 2007. RIP ShowCats.

2022 and Beyond GSDs GCH Project:
GCH Rivers Labyrinth Runner - Finished 11/22/2022
GCH Rivers Thor - Finished 12/06/22
GCH Eclipse Kickstart My Heart - Finished 01/17/23
GCH Rivers Lola Montez - Finished 01/19/23
GCH Rivers Bejeweled - Finished 01/19/23
GCH Rivers Anti Hero - Finished 02/04/23
GCH Rivers Prophet - Finished 02/12/23
GCH Rivers Lavender Haze Finished 02/16/23
GCH Rivers Cowboy Like Me - Finished 02/19/23
GCH Kiroja Docent - Finished 02/24/23
GCH Rivers Midnight Rain - Finished 03/02/23
GCH Rivers Stormbringer - Finished 03/03/23
GCH Rivers Spartan - Finished 03/06/23
GCH Rivers Vigilante - Finished 03/08/23
GCH Rivers Fire from the Gods - Finished 03/11/23
GCH Rivers Master Chief - Finished 03/27/23
GCH Rivers Bad Omens - Finished 03/22/24

General Info
Prestige: 25.0 (#562)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 7/21/2013
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 3/30/2024
Community Rank: 63rd

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