CH Radiant Tri This For Size (Tess) American Cocker Spaniel
CH BSG Rockin` Girl (Sara) Sussex Spaniel
GCH CH Rossett Maiden Wales (Dancer) Welsh Springer Spaniel
Sadiera Rosethorne At Llanelli (Rose) English Cocker Spaniel
Sadiera Tri Me At Llanelli (Tiff) English Cocker Spaniel
Sadieras Forest Creek (Addi) English Cocker Spaniel
Llanelli Topaz From Winthrop (Topaz) Shetland Sheepdog
Llanelli Tri And Stop Me (Stacie) Shetland Sheepdog
Llanelli Spin City (Spinnie) Spinone Italiano
Llanelli Andouille (Sausage) Sussex Spaniel
Llanelli From Ranchstar (Alta) Vizsla
Llanelli Samantha (Samantha) Weimaraner
Clermont Kentucky At Llanelli (Lexi) Welsh Springer Spaniel
Diva of Llanelli (Diva) Welsh Springer Spaniel
Llanelli Black Gold (Goldilocks) Welsh Springer Spaniel
Llanelli Citation (Clover) Welsh Springer Spaniel

GCH CH UDAndy*s Thunder Clap (Thunder) English Cocker Spaniel
GCH CH Tudor`s Lemon Sun (Ricky) English Setter
CH Llanelli Alan-A-Dale (Alan) Welsh Springer Spaniel
CH Rossett Folkore At Llanelli (Twister) Welsh Springer Spaniel
Llanelli De Sadiera (Chip) English Cocker Spaniel
Llanelli Whatthe Stormsurge (Storm) English Cocker Spaniel
Dawn Rider From Trst (Justin) English Setter
Llanelli Buster From Rhoslyn (Buster) English Toy Spaniel
Red Fern From Detroit (Will) Smooth Fox Terrier
LL Samothy (Samothy) Weimaraner
Spunk of Llanelli (Spunk) Welsh Springer Spaniel

By Parhelion Sorghum out of Sadieras Forest Creek.
(0 days)
Llanelli Anaconda (Bitch) English Cocker Spaniel
Llanelli Annabelle (Bitch) English Cocker Spaniel
Llanelli Arachnophobia (Dog) English Cocker Spaniel
Llanelli As Above, So Below (Dog) English Cocker Spaniel
Llanelli American Psycho (Bitch) English Cocker Spaniel
Llanelli A Nghtmr On Elmstrt (Bitch) English Cocker Spaniel
By Ch Jasmine Olivarius out of Llanelli Spin City.
(4 days)
Llanelli Aberdeen Ironbirds (Dog) Spinone Italiano
Llanelli Amarillo Sod Poodles (Soodle) (Bitch) Spinone Italiano
Llanelli Arkansas Travelers (Bitch) Spinone Italiano
Llanelli Altoona Curve (Dog) Spinone Italiano
Llanelli Akron Rubberducks (Dog) Spinone Italiano
Llanelli Albuquerque Isotopes (Dog) Spinone Italiano
Llanelli Arizona Diamondbacks (Bitch) Spinone Italiano
By Ch Clermont Gold Rush out of Ch Rossett Maiden Wales.
(7 days)
Llanelli Dark Star (Macho) (Dog) Welsh Springer Spaniel
Llanelli Day Star (Star) (Bitch) Welsh Springer Spaniel
By Burnside’s Aristry Via Wink out of Ch Crush Adela.
(9 days)
Llanelli Cake Bi The Ocean (Dog) Shetland Sheepdog
Llanelli Bi The Book (Dog) Shetland Sheepdog
Llanelli Bicentennial (Cinna) (Bitch) Shetland Sheepdog
Llanelli Drive Bi (Dog) Shetland Sheepdog
Llanelli Walk On Bi (Bitch) Shetland Sheepdog
By Ch TRST Looking Glass out of Ch TRST Night Time.
(9 days)
Llanelli Navigator From Trst (Blew) (Bitch) Pointer
By Spellcraft*s Ready to Rock out of Ch BSG Rockin` Girl.
(9 days)
Llanelli Brown Bean (Bitch) Sussex Spaniel
Llanelli Beet Farm (Dog) Sussex Spaniel
Llanelli Butter Pecan (Bitch) Sussex Spaniel
Llanelli Beef Stew (Dog) Sussex Spaniel
Llanelli Bacon Me Crazy (Dog) Sussex Spaniel

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 70.4 (#123)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 5/25/2022
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 7/3/2022
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"Field and English Cocker Colors"
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Upcomming Litters
Sadiera Tri Me At Llanelli
Due 7/3/2022 to Parhelion Smoke N Mirrors
Llanelli Black Gold
Due 7/5/2022 to Llanelli Alan-A-Dale
GCH CH Rossett Maiden Wales
Due 7/7/2022 to Rossett Painted Black