These are pictures of my real life dogs. On the left is Glitter, my oversized, badly marked, longhaired TFT with a tail playing with my future stud dog, Drew. They have been best of friends since the day that Glitter arrived, which is good, since she is "Saintsational Season" and his call name is from the Saints' quarterback, Drew Brees.

To their right is Beau, my current TFT patriarch, modeling the necklace that my friend Elaine made for him. He's on her website as a model, too! He doesn't wear it all the time, but he loves it when he does. laugh :D

To Beau's right is Cajun. Cajun is Beau's son and he'll be five this year! In this picture, he's learning the command "place." He's a bit grayer now, but he's still my "Boo-ness."

Finally, here is my RL Toy Fox Terrier, Holly, with her first-ever Group win! Okay, it was in the non-licensed Bred-By-Exhibitor class, but it was still won at a licensed event! She has since become a champion and has won a couple of Terrier Group placements in UKC, making me quite proud. She only lacks one 3-point major to become an AKC champion. We may or may not go for those last three points; we'll see after she takes time off to have a litter.


I am still breeding primarily to get my dogs numbers up, but we do have limited entries in shows. That means that most of my dogs will be produced for breeding only and will be FHed after a single litter. If you're interested in purchasing a pup and would like to name it yourself, please let me know. I will name it whatever you like and we can arrange a private sale. Pups start at $100, champion adults at $150. If it's a dog or bitch that I'd like to breed from, then I might ask you to wait until the dog is 31 days old (for a male) or 36 days old (for a female), or I would be willing to make other arrangements suitable for both parties.

I'm happy to sell to my dogs to basic members and premium members alike, as long as they're willing to show my dogs and take good care of them. I will also consider leasing dogs and selling dogs to basics for finishing and buy-back. I will not sell dogs over 100 days old to basic users.

Happiness is:

Dog kisses when you're feeling down.
Finding a forgotten packet of hot chocolate mix at the back of the cabinet
Finally finishing Chapter Six


The Patriots *NOT* winning the Super Bowl!

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